"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Family Affair

Let’s get it crunk, we gonna’ have fun
Up on in this dancery
We got ya open, now ya floatin’
So you gots to dance for me
Don’t need no hateration, holleratin’
In this dancery
Let’s get it percolatin’, while you’re waiting
So just dance for me

Come on everybody get on up
Cause you know we gots to get it crunk
Mary J. is in the spot tonight
As I’mma make it feel alright (Make it feel alright)
Come on baby just party with me
Let loose and set your body free
Leave your situations at the door
So when you step inside jump on the floor

Mary J. Blige

This weekend will be so very interesting. I should have a couple of good stories to share next week because this weekend is not only Taz’s engagement party, it will also be when the Hunter meets my Ex for the first time. The day of reckoning is upon us.

I spoke to Taz earlier this week about the party and our itinerary. She laughed and said that apparently my Ex and I booked the same flights — exactly. We are both flying in on Saturday morning and back out Sunday morning. Not much time for hanging out, but these flights were so cheap, they couldn’t be passed up. He is also staying in the ‘burbs rather than the city to be closer to the party. I was a bit incredulous but Taz’s response was, “Mom, you were together for almost 30 years. You both still think alike.” She does have a point there.

I told her that the Hunter and I would be on our best behavior. I asked her if I shouldn’t have dragged the Hunter along. She said “No, he is important to you.” She continued that my Ex said he was happy I found someone.

So let’s break down her response. She isn’t saying that she wants the Hunter there, only that since he is important to me, he’s included. My therapist once mentioned during my separation that since Taz was far away from the situation, she would have a harder time with the divorce. She’s right. Taz is struggling a little because her life would be so much easier if we were together. The diplomacy of divorce wouldn’t be necessary. Too bad, Taz. I also think that my choice of the next man is so radically different than Taz expected. The Hunter is different from my Ex and my previous life in many ways, but I am happier in this relationship than any previous one. He gets me.

As for my Ex’s response — I don’t buy it for a moment. He has to say that. At least I am not ambushing him like he did with me while we were single. You can read about that shitstorm here. If he is smart, he will be magnanimous and stay the fuck away from me.

Yesterday I contacted the future MIL to check on attire and see how she is doing. It’s an outdoor pig roast for about 150 people. She’s got a lot on her plate. The weather will be mid-50’s which is chilly for me — I live in a land of warm sunshine and no seasons. But I love Fall and am excited to see it. I offered to come straight over upon landing and she grabbed the idea. Of course, I have a Machiavellian strategy here. I want both the Hunter and I to help set up so 1) we are immediately in the good graces of our hosts and 2) the Hunter gets a preliminary lay of the land meeting our hosts prior to the party so he’s more comfortable. 3) I doubt my Ex would “impose” by offering help, so we win that round.

Both my Ex and I wanted to see Taz’s new place — I saw it only prior to move in. I have subsequently opted to skip the tour. It would have to be on Saturday prior to the party and that would make it tight for Taz to arrive at the party on time. Taz has several girlfriends including her high school BF attending the party. I am sure that they have been designated as parental chaperones. I am only mildly concerned that my Ex will get drunk and then say one of his biting, nasty comments that he tries to pass off as a joke. But the Hunter is ready for him.

Earlier this week we joked about him thanking my Ex for me because I am outstanding in bed. Last night, the Hunter had a better one. He said, in Spanish, “Just wait until we get back home. I’ll take care of you there.” My Ex is tri-lingual — he’ll comprehendo.


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  1. Oh you are in for a time! Good luck with everything


  2. Drama with the ex, I know it well. But I am so impressed by your relationship with the Hunter. He seems wise and loving and of course the amazing sex is key! Lean on him for support and you’ll get through the weekend just fine. Good luck!

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