"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Make It Happen

If you believe in yourself enough
And know what you want
You’re gonna make it happen
Make it happen
And if you get down on your
knees at night
And pray to the Lord
He’s gonna make it happen
Make it happen

Mariah Carey

Panic – I cannot let it overtake me in my line of work. I have been in a slump. I have written about it extensively as I try to work my way through it. This week I have had a tremendous break through. I completely re-did my home office. I moved the Hunter’s belongings out and into the master bedroom. I got rid of the futon I have been threatening to trash and went on to completely re-decorate. I bought $60 of used Ikea furniture, two used file cabinets for $50 that I then painted a fire engine red. I changed the curtains to some cute ones my landlady had left behind. I bought a used computer monitor for $20 and a docking station so I am finally back to two screens. All in all, for about $250 and a weekend of hard work, I have turned this office around.

Now my desk sits under the window where I gaze from my second floor into the sky and treeline. It’s lovely – I feel like I’m in a treehouse. I feel a new energy and push to develop new business. That’s a good thing. I eat what I kill and guess what, Maggie hasn’t been killing a lot lately. I am not too worried about winning new business – I am good at that. What I am worried about is cash flow during this ramp up period. I don’t want to dip too far into savings or God forbid, my retirement $$. I don’t have that emergency savings equivalent to a year’s income that is recommended for folks like me. I don’t want to borrow. As Ben Franklin said, “Never a borrower or a lender, be”. I have trimmed expenses, except that damn horse. The Hunter chips in and when his new job lines up, he’ll contribute more. But I know that winter is coming – in more ways than one.

I have had this dip before in my work and it’s not pretty. I know I will get to the other side, but this time I don’t have the Ex’s 6-figure income to pull me through. Plus this time I have Taz’s wedding and my sizable financial commitment to it. Plus I have over $30,000 of receivables tied up in litigation and another $12,000 tied up in a reluctant client now questioning our fees. Really? When you were scared, you wanted me to do all this work and I provided you a complete business strategy which you then executed. It saved your sorry ass and now you have amnesia about our fees? Seriously? People never cease to amaze me. This guy is also a personal friend of my boss. Go figure. My boss is handling the collections. Let’s see how it goes.

Anyway, I am happy. I know I have to work hard. On the plus side, I now have an assistant who actually knows how to do stuff – imagine that! So that is a huge help. I know what I need to do; now I just have to do it. No more sulking, no more waiting. It’s time to get moving. Action begets action – that’s what my business coach always says. I gotta go – time to wrap up my day with some planning for tomorrow.


Comments on: "Make It Happen" (2)

  1. “Action begets action” I LOVE that line and it was just what I needed to hear. I’m sorry that things are down but I have faith in the amazing woman that you are that you will pull this around and knock it out of the park. I am reinventing myself and while I am not on the level that you are, you inspire me to keep climbing forward to reach that peak…THANK YOU!

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    • Aw shucks! I am also getting up at 5:00 am with the Hunter to start my day earlier. Less FB, more doing stuff. Let’s see if I can keep it up! I’ve also cranked my work blog up — it has been sorely neglected. Let’s see what happens!


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