"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

I Finally Found Somebody

Well I finally found somebody,
Who lives to give their love to me, only me.
She takes away my worries,
Shows me how true love’s meant to be, what a relief

Now love don’t have to be a ball and chain,
Or somebody pullin’ on a puppet string.
Danglin’ you around,
Like you got no mind all.

Love don’t fade when the dog days come,
And hangs in tough ’til it sees the sun.
And I finally found somebody who,
Lets that love light shine on through

Well I finally found somebody,
Who welcomes me with open arms, into their heart.
Thank God, my search is over.
I found a four-leaf clover, love took me long enough.

Kenny Chesney

I haven’t written about me and the Hunter lately plus I wanted to write about sex, so here is a post to cover both. How better to up my readership than to talk about sex? I have discussed this topic with a dear friend, but want to open it up to you, Dear Readers.

I went through a very, very long celibate period in my marriage – I didn’t have sex for over 12 years. When I was finally free and able to express myself, I was super horny and game for just about anything. Now that I have a steady and great sex life, I have noticed that I am still horny and willing, but my desires are more vanilla in nature. As I told my friend, sex is becoming routine. Horrors, right? I am moving into the part of a relationship where it is time to put more effort into keeping things spicy. My friend was laughing at my naivety, but felt that perhaps since my initial curiosity has been sated, I am satisfied.

Don’t get me wrong, sex is awesome with the Hunter. I would describe my sexual appetite as an itch that is being thoroughly scratched so I am not wanting to search for someone or something to scratch it better or harder. The Hunter is still teasing and asking for a threesome but not in way that makes me feel uncomfortably pressured. But with things falling into a routine, it is up to us to keep the sexy in sex.

What I have learned is that when you have a steady partner you learn each other’s “hot spots”, so when you do X it turns your partner on quickly. Once you have that winning move, you use it frequently because you want your partner to be pleasured. The problem is that you can’t keep using that winning move because you can wear it out. You have to branch out and try new things that may take a bit longer at first to yield the same result. I notice that my body is responding differently to things that would usually send it over the edge of bliss. Instead it’s over-stimulated in certain areas and not liking certain things as much as it liked in the past.

But with work and everyday stuff, it takes time and effort to keep things lively. The Hunter is awesome with the snuggling and smooching. We begin and end every day with that strong physical connection. We greet each other with a good solid kiss and hug. The Hunter does not allow any cursory pecks. He’s a smart man because as my friend commented, the connection is everything.

It’s funny that here I am at 51 years of age figuring out this basic relationship stuff now. OK we could be morose and say “funny” in a tragic, sad way. I prefer to think of “funny” in a naïve but ever-evolving way. So Dear Readers, what suggestions do you have? Keep in mind that the Hunter will be busy the next couple of weekends so I won’t be seeing too much of him and I know he will be worn out when I do see him. I have the following ideas:
1) Kick up the sexy texting again
2) Send some sexy selfies – I have been remiss
3) Massages because he will be needing those more than sex because he will be out in the woods for the next couple of weekends

I will stop there and let you weigh in on ideas – they are always welcome.


Comments on: "I Finally Found Somebody" (11)

  1. I LOVE what you just wrote.
    This is something that I think both The Dancer and I have been experiencing (the itch that gets scratched just fine, thank you very much, no need to go look elsewhere for him, the ‘some hot spots don’t work quite as well any more’ for me), and certainly something I can relate to in my marriage (tiredness taking over and taking the sexy out of sex).
    I agree with your friend. I’ve never gone for as long as you with NO sex, but the little we had was certainly not satisfying, because there was no connection.
    I think massages are a great way to build connection. And even, it could be all that is needed, if one or both are too tired. I think that talking about it helps too, if one or the other feels their needs aren’t being met, or worries that things are slowly slipping away… talking about it may help. And then, The Hunter can help you figure out ways to keep things spicy 😉

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  2. I have found that even when B’s been put through the proverbial wringer by work and life that there’s always room for a surprise and long, sensual, slurpy blowjob! Seems to put the pep back in his step 😜

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  3. […] – I just can’t win sometimes. I was reading the Hunter this blog post where it mentions talking about sex with a friend. During the reading, he stopped me and asked who […]


  4. Ummm … I can’t get past the sexy Maggie selfies

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  5. Madeline Harper said:

    I’m down with the selfies. What about calling him and telling him what you want to do yo him all day…a bit of teasing. Make him go somewhere private and get hard thinking of you then report back what he did….


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