"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

You are My Sunshine

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away

Willie Nelson

I sang this song to my children every night as I rocked them to sleep, but I could only remember this verse so I sang it over and over.   I love Willie, so take it away, Willie.

I haven’t told you about the meeting between Taz, my daughter, and the Hunter. It was something of a non-event but at the same time momentous because this is the first man that my children have met post-divorce.

After a busy day including a lovely afternoon with my Ex at the wedding venue, we headed home for a dinner prepared by the Hunter. He made some of his ethnic dishes that my daughter loves. She enjoyed his cooking. It was a relatively easy evening because everyone was on their best behavior. I climbed into bed early after cleaning up and the Hunter soon joined me. He said that she has quite a few of my characteristics and had other positive comments. I laughed but said that my son is the mini-me and she is her father’s child. He discovered this for himself on Day Two.

We had another very busy day on Day Two that resulted in limited communication with the Hunter. He is accustomed to talking and texting with me throughout the day and it just wasn’t feasible with Taz’s itinerary. The Hunter wasn’t used to this and pouted a little. I understood, but had little patience for it because I had my hands full. The past week gave me a full blown twitch in my left eye.

We returned home to another nice dinner by the Hunter. We sat down and they began discussing hunting and how the National Parks Service and the state wildlife commission have restricted hunters and how predators are impacting game. Taz was a biology major so she understands ecosystems and particularly those in our state. She and the Hunter began debating. Nothing horrible, but they are confronting each other and have a polite dialogue about the issues with Taz calling out the Hunter when she thought he is wrong. He listened to her and asked questions because she was arguing from a position of higher education and he was arguing from what he sees in the woods. Fascinating. I just sat back and let them go. With my daughter in medical school, she is accustomed to debating and discussing. The Hunter is naturally geared to addressing issues head on. I had little to say. First, because I was tired and second, because they need to get to know one another so how better to do so than by communicating directly.

After this go round, I cleaned up the kitchen and headed to bed. I had a long day with another before me, so I just wanted rest. They continued talking and about a half hour later the Hunter came to bed. He told me, “Taz’s fiancé is in for a ride with your daughter.” I laughed and asked him if he continued to think she is like me. He laughed and said that yes in some ways, but she is a tough one. He also told me that she came back to him and apologized if she came on strong at dinner. She is self-aware enough to realize that she can be a bit heavy-handed at times. He liked that. He also liked the fact that she told him that she sees how happy he makes me. He did sarcastically thank me for abandoning him during the debate, but he wasn’t upset. I laughed and said I knew better than to debate her.

The next day Taz told me virtually the same story about coming back downstairs and apologizing. I thanked her for being so thoughtful. She said that she can see how happy I am with him and she is thankful for that. I told her that he would probably have some follow up comments and questions for her because he is thoughtful and does listen. Sure enough, he sent me an article via Facebook about something they discussed. I don’t know what she really thinks of him, but I don’t really care. I think she likes him well enough but perhaps questions why I am with someone like the Hunter instead of another professional like her dad.

This weekend I ran into two men that were active board members of my lacrosse booster club. We spent years on the sidelines of many a lacrosse game, but I haven’t seen either for about two years. Both of them have seen the Hunter on my Facebook page. He is part of my profile photo now so it is clearly evident that we are a couple. Both congratulated me and told me I look happy. Seriously, while I am known for my winning smile, I must have looked haggard during my marriage compared to now.  WTF. Anyway, I digress. Both asked how long we have been dating and standard questions of that ilk. The one question that NEVER comes up is what does he do for a living. Guess what – nobody cares. That surprises me. I guess it shouldn’t but it does nonetheless.

So there you have it. Both of my kids have now met the Hunter and the world hasn’t collapsed, they haven’t stopped speaking to me or any other calamity. Not that I was expecting that, but it is a bit nerve-wracking for your kids to meet the man that you are fucking. I haven’t felt this way since my parents met my first boyfriend that I fucked….some things just don’t change.



Comments on: "You are My Sunshine" (4)

  1. I must say that, having studied some biology, I sort of jumped when I read ‘predators are impacting game’. I mean, that’s what they DO, it’s part of the ecosystem, and human hunters are not so much… so if I had to favour one over the other, I guess I’d go with the predators! 😉

    This said: I’m really happy that your daughter got along with your lover. And that you realise that what someone does for a living isn’t that important in the end… as long as it’s not illegal and they make you happy 🙂

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  2. I’m so glad that all the important people have now mixed with the Hunter. That’s a lot of below the surface pressure no longer weighing on you.

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