"Love My Way, It's a New Road"


It’s only Tuesday and I am being pummeled with rejection. OK, I am being a bit dramatic, but I have had two instances of rejection that have hit my ego hard. The first is that my asshole client is, in fact, firing us. He found another firm to do the job cheaper. Good riddance, but that creates a hole in my income stream.  Plus I hate it when a competitor beats me — even when it’s some idiot who doesn’t deserve my expertise. 

The next rejection is that my son didn’t want to spend any nights with me during his visit. OK, I know he is here to visit his dad for Fathers Day, but he usually splits the time between both of us.  For the 4 nights he is here, I got 2 lunches. Sigh. At lunch yesterday, I told him about going back into counseling so I can better address my feelings and thoughts with loved ones. I gently told him that he suffers the same affliction. I also told him that I knew that he wasn’t comfortable staying with me now that the Hunter has moved in. He acknowledged that I was right. I simply told him that I was happy and that it wouldn’t change.  I also told him I would ask the Hunter not to try so hard.  He thanked me. I am trying to get him and his BFF to join us for the 4th of July weekend up in the mountains. I don’t know if he will, but it would be nice to have some extra time with him. The lunches were great with wonderful conversation. My Ex is the ultimate social director with outings planned each day. I lost this round.  

Then to keep layering on the bad news, my young, awesome associate is headed to a new career in the Big Apple. We are all so thrilled for him because he is a genuinely great, hard-working guy, but he will also be sorely missed for those reasons. Just when I had him trained ….  Oh yeah, then I got a complicated email regarding my non-profit and the rescension of some unused grant monies. I haven’t figured out if this simply takes back the unused money or do they want a refund of monies spent. If they want a refund, this will be the demise of this instituition. Good grief. When is my vacation?  9 days and counting….

 As I returned home from my lunch with my son, I suddenly felt lonely. I feel isolated from my business world when I work from home. My boss wants to combat this with meetings with clients and potential clients, but sometimes nothing beats the comradely of an office. The wind is out of my sails this afternoon. I feel on the brink of tears. Ouch. The best thing for me is to keep writing. I have some business writing I can do, so let me get started. At least I can take my heels off and be comfy. 


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  1. Ouch! No fun on any count. Wrap things up early this afternoon and kick back with a chilled vino

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  2. I’m sorry! Hope things got better this evening.

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  3. Madeline Harper said:

    I’m so sorry Maggie – the whole thing about lunch and time with your kiddo must not have been easy. I feel the same about time with my boys….the father/son bond is hard to come between (I just mean in terms of finding your own space to bond, not to disrupt their bond).

    And all the other stuff on top of it just makes it hard.

    Sending hugs your way!

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  4. I haven’t commented before, but I always read. Thinking of you…hoping all is well.


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