"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Thank You, Santa!

I was commenting on Madeline’s blog just now which is inspiring this post. Back in December, I wrote a post about what I wanted sexually.  Recently I read the post to the Hunter, because it dawned on me that Holy Shit, Santa Claus is REAL!  I got exactly what I was asking for.

I am watching Madeline wrestle with the conundrum of a relationship with a married man. The fact that she cannot be his top priority because someone else holds that slot. When I was seeing married men, it was fine in the beginning because my objective was theirs – sex. I had my independence and my space that I thought was so important to me. Then I began to look around and think about what I was sacrificing.  No holidays to be shared with these men, no daily contact or rapt involvement in my life — at best I came in third behind family and work. I realized that I deserved better. I also realized that these men were taking my time and energy away from pursuing relationships with available men. 

The Hunter came along at precisely the right time. He was ready to be in a committed relationship.  He wanted to make the right woman his top priority. When we wake up every morning (seriously, EVERY morning), we spend 15-20 minutes just cuddling. We kiss, fondle (sometimes a little sex) and quietly talk. The talk is mostly about our love for one another. It is a powerful reconnection boost that lasts the whole day.  This is completely his idea, but I love this time. I sneak out of bed to quickly pee and grab some mouthwash.  He pulls me close and murmurs his love in his sweet, sexy voice. This time reminds us both how lucky we are to have one another. 

The difference between my Ex and the Hunter is incredible.  When my Ex was angry, he exploded with furious, belittling, hurtful words. When the Hunter is angry, he never yells, but he is guilty of stubbornly shutting down. However, I always know that I can talk to him.  The Hunter is my biggest fan and loyal supporter in everything I do.  I know that he always has my back and he knows I do the same for him. My Ex claimed to support me, but his actions and words told a different story. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. 

I think my point of this post is that people need to really believe and know down to their very core and essence that the right partner will make them the #1 priority. Anything else is not acceptable. Now I realize that perhaps the daily business of life creates temporary priority shifts, but at the end of the day, where do you rank?  I am very lucky to know that I am the Hunter’s Queen. That is what he calls me and I am learning to accept all the love and respect he has to offer. Wow. Thank you, Santa. 


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  1. That’s awesome, Maggie!

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  2. I’m so happy for you! This is indeed a great post to read!
    I believe in Santa. It makes my kids laugh, most of them are past that stage, but I do, deep down, believe in Santa. So who knows… when I’m ready, I’ll get the same thing 🙂

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  3. This is lovely but like you said – it’s only a good thing if that’s what you want at the time.

    I’ve had guys try to date me when I haven’t been interested in having a partner and then get the ‘uh oh’ moment of knowing I have to let them down.

    So I think we just need to sit down and figure out where we are and be not only blunt with ourselves in what we want but also be blunt to others. Umming and ahhing is a crappy zone to be in because it means we haven’t given enough attention to *ourselves* to figure out what we want.

    You’re a lucky girl to have found what you want right when you wanted it! Xo

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