"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

I can see how the Summer heat is zapping the Hunter’s energy. He comes home exhausted and sore after a long day in the sun. Somehow he musters himself to be present for me. He is a far better person in this regard than me. If I was in his shoes, I would shower, eat and collapse. Instead he engages with me by talking about our days, planning our upcoming vacation and then he is always good to help around the house. Lately I have taken over cooking dinner. First, because he hit a little rut and was bored with his repertoire. Second, I see how exhausted he is, so this is something I can easily do to help.

Our vacation is two weeks away and we are both getting excited about it. We are headed to the cool weather of my parents’ mountain cottage. He wants to sleep in, hike, eat and fuck. Sounds delightful particularly since we will have a roof, indoor plumbing and all the standard creature comforts. We will be alone — we will visit my parents on the way home. That will be a great story when the Hunter meets the Judge.

As for me, I am happy at home. Life is good. The Hunter mentioned that he noticed that I am more relaxed with being in a committed relationship with him. He’s right. I have settled back and embraced my good fortune. I love sharing my life with him, although as I write this on my iPad, he is deeply snoring. Like I said, he’s very tired these evenings.

I figured out one reason I am having a funk and it’s due to having a couple of asshole clients. I need to focus on getting new ones to replace them. My boss and I are talking about our next chapter. We have discussed the fact that our profession is not for old farts, particularly old women. I only have 10 years at the most remaining in my career. That is crazy to me, but I know that it’s true. All the more reason to begin spending time on the Hunter’s business idea as well as planning my next move.

I do need to push myself more with work. This week I didn’t head into the office, so I have been farting around the house and not plowing through my To Do list. Same thing happened last week, but business is slow right now so I should be getting much more done. Meh, such is life. I can’t beat myself up over this. I just need to set up some routines and then stick with them. For some unknown reason, that is easier said than done with me. I did wake up last night in a bit of panic thinking about money, my daughter’s wedding and my pipeline of projects (or lack thereof). I hate when that happens. My dreams were confusing and my sleep was restless. I will talk to Athena about all of this very soon.

The Hunter has laughed about his strong, professional Maggie turning into a domestic goddess. I smile and enjoy taking care of him. Tonight before he dropped off to sleep, he thanked me for making tonight all about him. I made him a dinner he loves, massaged his sore shoulders and then as we fooled around, I gave him what he claims to be my best blow job ever and he came without fucking me. Then he quickly dropped off to a deep sleep. Yes, right now it is all about him and that is fine with me. One thing I know for sure about relationships is that the balance constantly shifts, but so long as the foundation is strong,then it’s OK


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  1. Your wisdom is one of you greatest assets

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    • Aww, thank you!!! I am so flattered. In the past 45 minutes I just got hit with 3 bombs: 1) my junior associate is leaving at the end of July. I adore this kid & he will be hard to replace 2) my son is headed home for a week, so I’ll see him unexpectedly next week 3) my non- profit may have run into some trouble based on actions of the previous leadership which will result in closing its doors if this is truly the case. Good thing I am sitting down with Athena in 30 minutes!

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  2. Madeline Harper said:

    The Hunter meets the Judge. That sounds like a movie.
    Sometimes we need to hit the reset button. I think after the whole big wedding blowout you have reached a little lull, that’s all. The mountain retreat will come and I think you will walk out of there re-energized.


  3. I think the rut is just your body’s way of telling you it needs time to recharge. I had trouble too in the past three weeks. Various medical issues, mine or my children’s, made for a very unproductive time. But I am confident that it will work out fine soon 🙂

    And it is such a pleasure to take care of someone you know really appreciates what you do for them. If you’re like me (and considering how close our experiences seem, I think you are), you have wanted to serve, help someone dear for a long time, but when you did it with your ex, you got abused instead of thanked. You need to relearn the proper ways of thinking about yourself and your relationship with the Hunter.
    I’m too tired, not making much sense I’m afraid :-/

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