"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Girl of 100 Lists

I am the girl of 100 lists
From what shall I wear
To who I have kissed
Check items off
Let nothing be missed
Sing I to myself and my 100 lists


Can I be honest?  Of course I can, this is my anonymous blog so who the hell cares?  I am sitting here making lists.  Lists of things to do, lists of things I really don’t want to do but need to do, lists of reasons I should quit or continue my non-profit chair position, lists of expenses I could cut from my budget.  Lots of lists and little action.  That is no way to continue my mantra of “Get Shit Done in 2015”.

These lists do help clear the clutter from my mind and give me a clear roadmap of what needs to happen (or not).  I have to confess.  I am tired of life in the fast lane.  I don’t feel the need to race everywhere at warp speed and be the top dog.  I get energized about certain aspects of my work because it requires creativity and a big picture approach.  It’s the minutiae of the execution that wears me down.

There are so many moving parts in my business world.  During my frenemy fishing excursion, I was listening to them gossip endlessly about our peers.  Yes, it was interesting.  Yes, I got some decent intel on my competitors.  But at the end of the day, it did not really help me make any money.  Actually I will make money because I learned some things that I can now use in my business development — to the determinant of the host, but the gossip did nothing for me.  I just had no interest joining in on the discussion.  They must have found me out of touch and not the Masters of the Universe they believe themselves to be, however, I could really care less.

So I will continue to make my lists and figure out my priorities.  I will see where I can delegate tasks and empower my less senior associates so they learn and grow while taking some of the load off my shoulders.  My business coach believes that planning is just as important as execution.  I just have to be careful that all my planning doesn’t put me into idle/neutral while the world races past me.


Comments on: "Girl of 100 Lists" (1)

  1. Sigh! I sometimes wished I had the energy to go about and look for all these great job opportunities. I simply don’t for now.
    So I’m definitely not living in the fast lane.
    Let’s say it’s me trying to figure out my life. This will make me feel better 🙂

    Good luck to you though! But I’m sure you’ll figure it out 🙂

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