"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Let your conscience be your guide, it won’t lie to you
If you live as others do someday you’ll be blue
I’ll stop beggin’ you to stay if you’re dissatisfied
You can come or you may stay
Let your conscience be your guide

Marvin Gaye

My idea of a fuckfest never fully materialized this weekend. The Hunter and I were a bit out of sync in several ways. Part of it was my fault. Part of it was the Hunter getting invitations to do hunting-related activities that I would never fault him for doing. Even with these scheduling snafus, the Hunter came 3 times on Saturday and I came twice.  Yes, I kept a scorecard. I also matured a bit more and tweaked my mindset so I did not get upset or huffy about this weekend.

I went deep-sea fishing on Friday as part of a work-related tournament. I love the water, boats and fishing, so even though it was rough, I was in my glory. Out of the 5 of us, two guys ended up puking and we caught no fish. I spent the day with frenimies and realized that I don’t like to hang out with many people in my business. But that was all OK because the day was beautiful, I saw numerous dolphins and I had a great time.  When I got home, I was exhausted because the day was long and I hadn’t slept well the night before.

The Hunter wanted to crank up the fuckfest that night, but I just couldn’t. I told him to let me have an hour nap and I would rally, but he smiled, told me not to worry and tucked me into bed. I was sound asleep until about 2 am when he climbed into bed and whispered that he had a subliminal message for me. The message: give him a blow job. Hilarious as I found him, I just couldn’t rouse myself to play. I awakened early Saturday to a horny, kinky Hunter. He wanted to be pegged NOW. So I obliged although it was not my best work.  I was sleepy and didn’t have my glasses or contacts. I am truly blind as a bat, so I am basically trying to peg him without being able to see what I’m doing — it was all by touch. Like I said, not my best work, but I got the job done.  The Hunter cums and we curl up in bed to snuggle.

He tells me he was up late. I need to digress for a moment. The Hunter fell off the wagon and smoked pot last night. This will get a separate post about that whole situation.  In any case, he was watching porn while I was sleeping and he ended up jacking off to one particular film.  He really wants for me to see it, so after I peg him, he fetches my iPad and we watch it together in bed.  It was really interesting because I haven’t watched something like this before.  It was a threesome with a beautiful transgender woman who still had male genitalia, a woman and a man.  It starts with the woman giving the trans girl a blow job with the man watching.  It ends with the woman being fucked by the man while giving a blow job to the trans girl.  It’s a Brazilian porn and all three actors are very attractive. I will be writing more about this porn and why it turns the Hunter on, but I digress again.

We watch the porn and the Hunter gets hard in the first two minutes of the film.  I tell him to go ahead and fuck me while watching the porn.  He loves that although I was somewhat of a hole to release him. He cums again.  I give him a delicious post-sex massage session because his hips and butt are tense.  He almost blew it because during the massage session he started talking about archery. I stopped and said, “Seriously, you have a naked woman massaging your ass — stay in the moment with me.” He laughed, apologized and obliged. I am still OK with the morning, however, my selfish nature is beginning to awaken a bit.

We make a big, delicious breakfast and while I am chilling afterwards with a delicious cappuccino that he made for me, he does the grocery shopping.  Then he had hunting-related plans in the afternoon, so he heads out to his thing. I veg and really do nothing. He comes home with the news of a scouting trip for Sunday.  He wants to take me out to dinner, but first some snuggling.

He cums again.  I cum once due to some delicious clit play but I didn’t get enough sex. He falls asleep and no dinner. I just didn’t have the heart to wake the poor guy.  He was exhausted.  But the Hunter did wake up and we cuddle some more. He confesses that dinner was so he could get a hall pass for Sunday and I told him that I realize that but since both us weren’t really hungry, I didn’t want to bother.  He fell back asleep, so I am sitting home on a Saturday night without a nice dinner or any plans.

I reflect on all this while he is sleeping. I came to the conclusion that I could get testy and continue keeping score or I can appreciate all the nice things he did for me. He put my new bike rack on my car, he did the grocery shopping, made me coffee, took out the garbage, cooled off my over-heated dog when we came back from a walk, spent quality time by playing with my clit to make sure I came. He wasn’t upset when I crawled into bed early on Friday night and left him without sex or plans.

I wrote the majority of this post Saturday night around midnight.  I had moved into my son’s bedroom because the Hunter had mentioned more than once on Saturday that he doesn’t sleep as well with both of us in the bed.  He attributes it to having slept alone for the past decade and he enjoys an occasional night alone to really sleep deeply.  I get that and don’t take offense.  OK, I have to remind myself that he’s in no way rejecting me and this is purely about rest.  Anyway, before I finish writing, he wakes and comes looking for me.  He pulls me out of bed and wraps me in his arms.  “Come to bed, baby.  I miss you.  I want you with me.”  He brings me to bed and strokes my clit until I cum.  He fucks me for good measure and takes away my horny ache.  I am satisfied and feel loved.

We talked for a bit afterwards.  I told him that I almost turned bitchy but I stopped myself and instead thought about all the things he does for me.  I told him that I was happy and content. He appreciated that I stopped and thought about the situation first.  He said the women he has been with wouldn’t have done that.  The Hunter said that he loves me because I respect him, don’t judge or pressure him and make him feel like a man.  And I love him for the same reasons (I feel like a woman- duh) and additionally because for the first time in my life I have a man who takes care of me more than I take care of him.

Now I have to run.  He’s headed home from the woods with a bottle of rum so I can make mango daiquiris.   If he plays his cards right he could get lucky again….



Comments on: "Let Your Conscience be Your Guide" (7)

  1. You are becoming a very wise woman Maggie

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  2. Ah, yes, the fuck fest didn’t quite happen, but it wasn’t bad though. Coming to that realisation was certainly worth it 🙂

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