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All I ever wanted


Had to get away


Meant to be spent alone


All I ever wanted

The Go Gos

How in the world do I take a much needed week long vacation when the Hunter can’t?  That is my current dilemma. I think my solution is a girlfriend getaway.  So far my subtle hints or direct asks to my posse have come up empty. Sigh. I could go visit family which is easy and affordable. I actually have family in locales I enjoy, but I need some excitement and adventure. Sigh.  I think if The Hunter asked told me he wanted a getaway I would probably be OK with a very faint alarm bell ringing, so I am hopeful that he would be fine with me packing my bag and hitting the road.

My first choice would be to go to my favorite beach for a couple of days by myself. When my kids were growing up, we usually had a 10-day vacation that was nothing but sand, sun, water, great dining, no makeup — pure bliss for me. We would roll back home tanned and relaxed.

The issue I have to be careful of with the Hunter is jealousy. Not “another man” type jealousy but life style jealousy. I am very, very fortunate. I work from home on paperwork days, I am wined and dined, I win crazy gifts like money, TV’s, iPads.  I am given tickets to sporting events. This doesn’t happen every week, but enough that it would make my Ex crazy jealous. Already since I have been with the Hunter I have been out to race a Ferrari on a racetrack (post to follow), invited on a fishing tournament, won $100.  If I was in his shoes, I would have to swallow hard on occasion. This doesn’t include free lunches and breakfasts galore.

I need some time away from my normal routine. My quick trip for my daughter’s engagement did show me a couple of things:

  1. I love to travel and break up my routine
  2. I needed the break
  3. Being alone was fine and not a big deal. I actually enjoy my independence.
  4. I wasn’t overly inspired to make huge plans but I think I am tired which means a longer vacation is much needed.
  5. Although above I said being alone was fine, I did wonder what the Hunter was doing, was he OK, and I missed having a travel companion a tiny bit.

Perhaps while the Hunter is in a post-coitus glow during our fuck fest, I can bring this topic up.  Hehe – oh my womanly wiles.


Comments on: "Vacation " (4)

  1. The Woman Invisible said:

    I’m ready for a long girls weekend. Pick the place. We can wine and dine each other.
    The whole thing about having a job with benefits like that must be tough on a guys ego. I believe as long as you share your good fortune as much as possible he can start to see the positives rather Than worry what he’s not providing. Definitely an ego thing, but hopefully one that can be overcome.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe — I’ll send you an email on the vacation. He’s been good so far. My Ex would want to invite himself along which wasn’t cool. He couldn’t understand that spouses were not included. He would use the excuse that he would be looking for business opportunities. So I would tell him no attorneys allowed.

      Liked by 1 person

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