"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Father to Son

A word in your ear, from father to son
hear the words that I say
I fought with you, fought on your side
Long before you were born


I am going to circle back today to tell you about meeting the Hunter’s son and girlfriend. We’ll call his son “Nino” and his girlfriend, “Chica”. I met them for the first time on the night the Hunter moved in with me. It was an eye-opening experience for them and one that bemused me endlessly.

They pulled in and began unloading all of the Hunter’s belongings. I asked Chica if she wanted something to drink and we made ourselves scarce so the men could unload without our interference. We chatted and I quickly found common ground with her when I discovered she went to the same high school as my kids. She’s an articulate, bright girl and I liked her immediately.

Then the men came inside, so I finished getting dinner ready for everyone. The Hunter had discovered my crockpot the day before and was fascinated with it, so he used it to make a wonderful pot roast that was included tons of veggies. It smelled divine and tasted great. The Hunter had predicted that his son wouldn’t eat it because he was a picky eater. Never under-estimate your kid’s ability to prove you wrong because Nino sat down and ate what was served without a murmur.

I am great with the small talk, so I led the conversation through a couple of topics and focused on school. Nino doesn’t like school and is attending college reluctantly. Chica is doing well and has a chosen a great major. The Hunter lapsed into patriarch mode and was telling his son the importance of education (something he didn’t focus on in his youth and now regrets). On a couple of points I agreed with the Hunter and a couple I didn’t, so I sided with Nino. I later told the Hunter I did that on purpose and I hope it didn’t upset him. Why would I purposely disagree with a parent? In order to more quickly warm up the son. When I side with the son over the parent, the son sees a comrade. Yes, all part of Maggie’s plan to conquer the family. Fortunately the Hunter didn’t mind my strategy.

In any case, the most amusing part of the evening was when Nino discovered my age. I mentioned it during a conversation. He realizes that I am older than his dad, so he turns to his dad and says, “You are dating a cougar!” I laugh and am undisturbed, but the Hunter had a moment of fluster which was hilarious for all of us. All in all it was a great first meeting. The next day Nino called his dad and mentioned that the fact that I am the first gringa that the Hunter has ever dated. He is intrigued with me.

All kidding aside, as I get to know more about the Hunter, the more I see his integrity. When he got Nino’s mom pregnant, he was with her at the abortion clinic. Right at the moment they called her name, he decided that he wanted to be a father and persuaded her to have Nino. He lived with her for the first five years raising Nino. Then they split, but he remained very involved with Nino to the point of taking full custody of him at age 10 and raising him ever since. His love for his son is palpable and their relationship is close.

Now I just need to get Nino comfortable with coming over to our place whether I am home or not. He is a bit shy and reluctant, but I’ll subtlety work on that. It will make his dad happy and that, in turn, will make me happy as well. Next up will eventually be meeting the Hunter’s semi-estranged sister and her family. That will be fascinating….


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