"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Don’t Look Back

Don’t look back, ooh a new day is breakin’
It’s been too long since I felt this way
I don’t mind ooh where I get taken
The road is callin’, today is the day
I can see, it took so long just to realize
I’m much too strong not to compromise
Now I see what I am is holding me down
I’ll turn it around, oh yes I will
I finally see the dawn arrivin’
I see beyond the road I’m drivin’


The Hunter and I had a conversation about previous relationships that was interesting. Like watching a train wreck in wretched fascination, the Hunter finally had a few questions for me about my post-divorce relationships. He wanted to know how many guys I fucked prior to him and post-divorce. He wanted to know how I met these guys, so we talked about my time on Ashley Madison. He was surprised for a couple of reasons.

First, he was surprised that Ashley Madison worked. I told him that it was horrible for guys, but great for me. He was blown away by the number of inquiries I received weekly (over 100 picture requests). He was curious on why I went for married guys. I explained that at that time, I wanted sex, no strings-attached-sex and AM, at the time, seemed the best, quickest way to get there. Then I explained to him that after only two months on AM, I realized that I wanted more and I needed to be #1 in a man’s life, so I stopped. I told him that, for me, online dating sucked.

He is curious about my threesome but hasn’t been able to work himself up to asking for complete details. He has jealousy issues to work through, so I answer his questions but I don’t volunteer information because I have found that doesn’t help. He wants small doses of information that he can process than he asks for more. The Hunter realizes that he cannot judge me because he clearly admits to sleeping with over 100 women. I have told him that there will be no slut-shaming of my sexual past because that will cause a great deal of trouble between us – no double standards. He agrees and mildly wrestles with his latent chauvinism.

His last fuck buddy came from Facebook. I was surprised. He met this married woman through a mutual friend. The mutual friend actually is an exhibitionist who puts up erotic photography of herself. The Hunter wanted to hit on her (also married, but monogamous), however, after seeing how other guys hit on her, he took the smart approach and just engaged her civilly. That interaction roused the attention of the horny married friend who then pursued the Hunter. The first time they met was at the hourly motel rendezvous. She was older looking than her photos, but he calmed her jitters with pot and beer. He fucked her regularly at the hourly motel. Her blow jobs are apparently better than mine (I continue to want to improve, so I always appreciate constructive coaching). But she is married and a bit dramatic (as most of his previous paramours), so he was happy to be done with her. Although she may re-emerge as a potential for a threesome.  Time will tell.

I swear, I am such an innocent to not recognize that people of my age are hooking up through Facebook. OK, sure high school friends reconnect and hook up through Facebook, but strangers? I was fascinated.


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  1. Well, at least that makes two of us.
    I find FB great for keeping in touch with friends, I have made a few new ones, but never anyone that I wanted to go any further than that. Granted, my FWB was also on FB and we used it to stay in touch, but that’s not how we met!

    I say good for you both that you are having these conversations. I find them fascinating with The Dancer. It slowly gives me some insigh into his life (he doesn’t share much) and he definitely gets a better understanding of where I come from. The good thing for me is there is no shaming, on he contrary, he is more than encouraging for me to meet people and have some adventures. I guess that is made easier with the fact that he doesn’t want a relationship. So I have some nice things, but maybe things I would gladly give up for other things… Ha, time will tell where we’re headed, both you and I in different ways 🙂

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  2. Will Carrier said:

    Ok…two points…Boston was one of the best concerts that I ever saw (I saw them in the early 80s). Ok, so that wasn’t a point.

    Second (first) point – yes, I have experienced Facebook being used in this way and it involved people that I went to high school with. It was fun to go to my reunions last summer and to be questioned about my reason for being there. The old geezers didn’t like to see someone young and fit among the older folks. When they realized that it was me, the joke was on them. I have my hair (and hair color), I am more fit than I was when in high school (I was an athlete then) and though, I can’t fit into my high school clothes (I am a little more slim), I know that I am in better condition than anyone in my class. This had a negative effect.

    In the hours and days following both my reunions (I went two high schools) I was inundated with friend requests and subsequent “coffee” date asks. I accepted the requests and my wife and I laughed at the notions of dates.

    I am not bragging. It was fun to have the “in” girls coming to my table to talk to me and catch up. Savannah was there and was the hottest, fittest and sexiest woman in both reunions. The guys were definitely interested in her, too. We had much fun!

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    • Haha. That’s an awesome story. I have used FB to keep in touch with high school friends also. Lately I have been bold enough to add business connections. We’ll see where it goes, but with the Hunter having over 300 friends, another fuck buddy is sure to emerge at some point …….

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      • Will Carrier said:

        I keep my worlds separate. I don’t allow connections to anyone thst is with my current employer, period. I do have several hundred friends bjt the risk of them pursuing me as and resulting in FB relationship is slim (the impetus being that I have zero desire for this).

        I should also mention that at my previous reunion (a decade earlier), I was carrying almost 200 extra pounds.

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