"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Other Chicks

I know you and her got something goin on, and I respect that, but you gotta admit, there’s something between us..
Everything I want, you got it,
And I must admit that I’m..excited,
That girl aint right for you,
See I’m the type for you,
And what I’d like to do is chill…Feel me?


Another story that has evolved is an interesting appearance of the Other Woman this past week. I had always thought that she was my competition and apparently I wasn’t wrong. During our platonic New Year’s Eve camping trip, the Hunter had invited her also. She didn’t come once she caught wind that I was there. Over the past week or so, we have had a couple of discussions about her because I am getting bolder about asking questions. I am not jealous of her, but I am curious about the Hunter’s relationship with her (i.e. how far did it progress, did they date, sleep together, etc.).

Yes, she didn’t show up at the camping trip once she learned I was there and yes, the Hunter had intentionally set up having both of us invited to see how we would react. He had been developing a friendship with the Other Woman parallel to ours. This is also the woman that he had spent the day with previous to our picnic in the park. As I have come to find out, the Hunter is very savvy and adept with the dating and mental games. Apparently she was a bit more competition in the early days than I gave her credit, however, I won, obviously. I can’t underestimate that they have quite a few things in common including their country of origin. She was born there; he wasn’t but is closely tied to his heritage. She also belongs to our hiking club which is where they met.

At the beginning of our Other Woman discussions, the Hunter had a small struggle with talking about her openly. When he realized that I was not going to get mad, he opened up more. One thing he told me early on was that he still considered her a friend and would continue to talk to her. I was fine with that. God knows how many guy friends I have, so who am I to protest? Once he realized that I have no problem with friends of the opposite sex, he relaxed and openly answered my questions and even volunteered information.

However, he wasn’t open with her about the nature of his relationship with me nor did he tell her that he had moved in with me. That perhaps was not a good move on his part. I know that she was attracted to him and wanted to date him. My favorite photo of him was taken by her. She was in daily contact with him up until last week. Then she made two mistakes and the Hunter now doesn’t want anything to do with her. Her first mistake? She stepped out of his Facebook group and didn’t disclose that when he asked her to become an administrator of the group. That seems somewhat petty, but actually it isn’t. The Hunter has started a group page that is growing by leaps and bounds. It has well over 250 members in just 90 days. His topics are timely and well-received. The Other Woman left the group due to some of the subject matter. He found out she left the group when he went to make her an administrator. He confronted her and she stammered through something that seemed like an apology but not quite. He was not pleased with her leaving the group nor her inability to fully own up to it.

Immediately following that exchange, she demanded to accompany him to a doctor’s appointment. The Hunter had a doctor’s appointment with my doctor.  I wasn’t planning on going with him, but when the Other Woman told him that she was going with me, I knew I had to step up my game and escort him. It ended up being a blessing in disguise because he needed me there to run interference with the medical staff. He told the Other Woman that he didn’t need her to go because I was going. She asked why Maggie and he explained that I was his girlfriend. Oh boy. I felt bad for her getting the news that way. The drama from both issues has resulted in the Hunter deleting her from his phone and un-friending her on Facebook. The Hunter showed me an earlier series of texts where he clearly explained to her that they would never be more than friends. She was in denial. My heart goes out to her on this one. She’s still my Facebook friend so we’ll see how that goes because she will start seeing posts involving me with the Hunter. Facebook is a dangerous place. I have another Hunter story about Facebook and his fuck buddy before dating me.


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  1. So the Hunter who’s a player is now snared. I bet the Huntress is beaming

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  2. I must have missed a post but he’s moved in moved in? Like, fully living together? I did read a recent post but thought it was for a weekend. Wow. Yeah, you are more than his girlfriend and he needed to man up and tell the poor woman.

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  3. […] firmly decided. I surrendered for now because he told me I was starting to sound like the Other Woman and blaming him. I immediately apologized and told him my stomach was upset, so I was cranky. Now I […]


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