"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

I Wanna Be Well

Yeah, I wanna be well
I wanna be well
I wanna be
I want I want I want
I want I want I want
Yeah, I wanna be well

The Ramones

My pussy has been worn out. The Hunter and I have been fucking so much that I was diagnosed this week with “honeymoon cystitis”. The necessary antibiotics have given me a yeast infection. With all this drama down there, my doctor told me to abstain from sex for at least three days (an eternity in my world these days). Upon receiving all this embarrassing TMI information, the Hunter promptly said, “It’s time to use the back door” and introduced me to anal sex. I do love this man’s mind.

Last weekend he introduced me to some anal play and got his vibrator up my ass as well as a larger butt plug, but he didn’t fuck me anally. I learned to relax and actually enjoyed it. Last night we went further and he fucked me after a good amount of foreplay and lube. I was so well prepared that he slipped right in and I actually enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. He came, but I I didn’t cum, however, I was really close. I am actually surprising myself with my willingness to continue to push a little past my comfort zone and then I am pleasantly surprised by enjoying life on the other side.

Back to my poor pussy and the visit to my doctor. I adore my gyn. He’s a great guy and really can handle the vagaries of women’s moods. On a previous visit, he asked me how I was doing and I burst into tears. He handled it with aplomb and I managed to explain that I was all worked up because I had just lost my mom to breast cancer. He is lovely and deftly handled me then and now. During this most recent visit, he plopped down and began asking me my symptoms. Then he asked how frequently I was having sex. I replied, “everyday”. He glanced up and said, “for how long?” I answered, “for weeks pretty much.” He said, “good for you”. That’s when he diagnosed me with honeymoon cystitis. Ugh. He said I am having too much sex for a preventive antibiotic regime. I giggled. We had a mature conversation on how to potentially prevent a reoccurrence and apparently I am doing everything right – my body just can’t keep up sometimes. Sigh.

By Sunday, I should be off the injured reserved list and back on the field. With that in mind, the Hunter and I are, of course, planning a sex marathon. Why not try to wear it out again? In the meantime, the Hunter is creatively adapting to the situation. I do love his mind….


Comments on: "I Wanna Be Well" (9)

  1. It’s like being a teenager all over again I bet. This time with smarts. Well, almost.

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  2. I feel for you. I really do. I have similar issues, or may start to have soon. Good thing we’re going to take a forced break 😉

    This said: get well soon, and I’m glad that things are still working out quite well it looks 🙂

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    • My clock is ticking — I don’t have time for this! I have to make up for 14 sexless years. My body needs to get with the program!!

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      • I so agree 🙂
        I have 20 years of sexless life to make up for myself 😉
        I noticed that the sore muscles are getting better, so my body must slowly be getting with the program. 🙂
        But I don’t have sex every day like you. Not quite. Just every other day for the past week 😉
        It’s funny because when I read the ‘how long’ question, I thought he meant the number of hours each day, not the number of days this had been going on. I really live in a different world. WE really live in a different world as where we used to live in 🙂

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      • I think he would have been surprised by the answer if he had asked about duration – we need/want a minimum of 3 hours. Hehe

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      • Yes, I thought so, about the same as for me.
        Less than 3h just leaves you with an appetite for more 😉

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  3. So the butt is the backup hole? Hehehe good for you sunshine, sounds like you’re having a ball! Xx

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