"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Your Body is a Wonderland

We got the afternoon
You got this room for two
One thing I’ve left to do
Discover me
Discovering you

One mile to every inch of
Your skin like porcelain
One pair of candy lips and
Your bubblegum tongue

And if you want love
We’ll make it
Swim in a deep sea
Of blankets
Take all your big plans
And break ’em
This is bound to be a while

Your body is a wonderland
Your body is a wonder (I’ll use my hands)
Your body is a wonderland

John Mayer

Amazing sex – I can see why people can lose their minds and throw caution to the wind. I have been insatiable for over a week and now I am finally slowly coming down from a constant state of hormonal overload. Don’t get me wrong, I still have aches of arousal that can hit with the smallest trigger, but my head is beginning to clear a tiny bit. My body, on the other hand, is a wreck. I have bruises everywhere – on my legs, my shoulders, my neck, the chest area above my boobs. When I went to get a Brazilian wax, my technician looked at my inner legs and first cried out, “Baby, what happened? “ Then she immediately said, “Are these love bites?” When I acknowledged that they were, her reply was, “You go, mama.” I love my waxing salon. The girls are so cool there. I am sure I was the talk of the day, but I routinely provide fodder for their gossip so that’s no surprise.

My privates today says “Uncle” and I feel like it may be at the beginning stages of a UTI so I am drinking tons of water to flush things. My lower back has relapsed into its spasms that comes out from my glutes in my butt, so I have to resort to a foam roller and lacrosse ball to work out the kinks. I guess I have to admit that I am not a young kid anymore and at 50, I need some warm-up exercises prior to these marathon sex sessions.

Now that you know the ravaged landscape resulting from sex with the Hunter, let’s discuss the actual sex. When ranking guys I have slept with, he is at the top of the list. The very top – the Number 1 slot. That will probably create a plethora of problems later down the road, but that discussion is for another post. Let’s talk about fucking amazing blow-my-mind sex. The Hunter is a guy who will focus on seeing how many times and ways he can make me cum. His mental game is exceptional as well. The Hunter gets inside my head with his whispers about what he will do to me, what he is doing to me, what he did to me. He murmurs compliments in his sexy voice about how amazing I am, which of course gives me the confidence and courage to try something new as well as relaxing me to enjoy it all. He knows that sex is more mental than physical many times with women, so he is just as attentive with the mental aspect as he is with the physical. Crap, am I in trouble or what?

Of course, you all want specifics about what’s happening in the bedroom. Friday is perhaps a good example. He came over after work and brought dinner, which he cooked. I got to sit at my kitchen counter and watch him in the kitchen. A man who cooks and cooks well is a turn on for me because it’s a novelty for me. He pours me a glass of wine, we have a great steak dinner and then go outside and smoke some pot. My belly is full and I have a great buzz going, so I am relaxed and our conversation is just flowing. We are sitting next to each other, so he pulls me close and holds me. He begins to tell me in his low, sexy voice how much he enjoys being with me, how amazing our sex is and he kisses me. The mental game has begun.

When we get upstairs to the bedroom, he slowly peels off my clothes and takes his time. The foreplay is gentle and he has learned all my arousal buttons, so he plays them all. He will go down on me and he tells me how much he loves the taste of me. He’ll dip his fingers in and have me taste them. He knows that my nipples are directly connected to my vagina, so he will gently twist them and cause an electric shock to ride down my body into my pussy. I have already begun to writhe and this nipple play only increases my hip gyration and my moans. He wants me to beg for his dick and I willingly do so. He has taught me a wonderfully dirty phrase in Spanish that basically means that his dick is amazing. I whisper that in his ear. He chuckles at this gringa saying nasty things in Spanish, which of course is a turn-on for him.

He begins to fuck me. Our favorite positions are variations from behind. Sideways, doggy-style and then his favorite – me on my stomach with my legs closed. But we cover missionary and other variations as well. There is always a variety of positions every time. He likes to see what I respond to the most. He fingers me, puts a finger in my arse. We put my butt plug in my arse and he fucked me then. That felt great. He used my smaller vibrator in a variety of ways during different sessions. For the first hour or so, it is primarily about me. Making sure that I cum and cum multiple times. Oh I make sure that he is satisfied as well. We will do a 69 or I will just give him a blow job, but his main attention at the beginning is me. Once he cums, we take a break. The second round becomes more about him….

Once again, his mental game is outstanding. Once he knows that I am temporarily sated and have cum several times, it is his turn. He tells me what he wants. He loves anal…done to him. We used my butt plug on him and I use the vibrator on it to increase the sensation in his ass. He loved that. Then I give him a blow job and eat his ass. But his favorite is for me to finger fuck him in the ass. With one finger and then moving to two. Interesting. I have never finger fucked a guy much less rimmed him. I am learning. What he knows and I am learning, is that when you see how turned on your partner gets when you are doing things to them that gets them off, you enjoy it as well. I love seeing the power I have over him during these sessions because I see how turned on he gets. I have ideas on how to increase his pleasure. He wants a strap-on. Unbeknownst to him, I want to get him a Fleshlight. His fantasy talk is a threesome so he can fuck someone while he is being fucked in the ass. He doesn’t want a third in the bedroom anytime soon because he wisely knows that it could get weird, but this is his fantasy. I think a Fleshlight could do the trick.

We take another break. He gets me a glass of water. He has said that it’s the little considerate things that a woman appreciates. Like getting a glass of water for her even though she hasn’t asked, but he knows she probably wants one. Yep, he’s good. We relax, perhaps smoke some more pot or have a glass of wine. We talk, snuggle and intermittently just enjoy the night in companionable silence.

The third session is my reward for good performance on him. Now that I am loosened up and relaxed, he begins pushing on my limits to see where he can go. I love a finger in my ass, but I haven’t gotten into anal principally because when I tried it in my youth, I had young, impatient men who forced things along too quickly. The Hunter is patient. He is gently getting me ready and we spend some time on ass play. I am enjoying it. He mixes it up with other things so I am a writhing, aroused, screaming mess of orgasms. He hasn’t fully penetrated me anally yet, but he’s patient. By the time we wrap up the third session during which he may or may not cum, I am a whimpering puddle of sated woman. He pulls me close and tells me how outstanding I am, how happy I make him and other sweet nothings that lovers whisper. We sleep wrapped together.

Now can you see my dilemma? How do I slow this bullet train down so I can think about things and I do have things to think about? I’ll write another post about what I am thinking about, clues he has given me and other ramblings in my mind. But for now, just know that the sex is amazing.


Comments on: "Your Body is a Wonderland" (10)

  1. Well for now … just enjoy the moment. All those sensations you’re getting … and giving. A well sated Maggie is surely a very good thing. 🙂


  2. I’m with the beautician – you go mama! LOL

    Yes I was just asked to wear a strap on for a guy too, I’m not sure I’d be any good but I’m finding the idea very interesting! Definitely something to tick off the sucket list.

    For your anal training (and I say so because I’m doing it myself), get different sized butt plugs or buy an anal training kit (has a few different sizes) and work your way up through the sizes. Like you, I was a bit put off from the “don’t worry, it’ll fit” types and those who thought spit was ok as lube (fml, why am I so trusting?!?!) so wanted to make sure I did proper preparations before trying it again!

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  3. Funny that Rambling Goat should write this…
    I have just tried anal, real penetration, not just fingers, not long ago. The first time he tried, he saw me so ready and willing he assumed I had done it loads of times already. So he went for it a bit too quickly, only saliva. But he stopped when he saw me writhing on the bed. I stayed prostrate for a few minutes, trying to get the sharp ache to subside. He was very concerned, worried he’d torn something inside. I assured him I was fine, but we left anal play for another time. The second time he tried, I had lube on hand, but still, it didn’t work out too great. The fact there was a time constraint (as in a kid coming back in 30 minutes or so) wasn’t conducive to him taking it slow enough and we didn’t manage to do it either. The third time, we didn’t use a condom, didn’t use any lube but spit, but we had time, he took it easy and I managed to relax enough. I started to feel pain, so he withdrew, but eventually he came back in and managed to fuck me and O. M. G. It was great! Though apparently he didn’t try to get fully in, as he thought it would be too much for me.
    The reason I’m writing this is because I wanted to write that, sometimes, even without much practice, and with no lube but spit, it does work out 🙂
    Though I’d still advise lots of lube 😉

    Ok, this said: You go Mama! That sounds like a fun Friday night! And you’re implying Saturday and Sunday were just as fun filled… Lucky you! Lucky him too 😉
    Looking forward to reading tomorrow’s post… if I’m not too tired myself (unfortunately not from good sex :-/).

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  4. Super hot!! This sounds like great sex and I wish I was having it equally good. Enjoy it!

    Look forward to hearing how your brain is doing.

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  5. Thanks for your insight. So far i have found that i need patience, lots of lube and just relax. The funny story is that during the week when he really unleashed some moves, he was entering me from behind with no guidance. He totally pegged me in the ass and I levitated off the bed. Profuse apologies followed. Of course, i do wonder if it was a complete accident….


  6. […] My last post was about mind-blowing sex with the Hunter. Yes, the sex continues to be mind-blowing and he has finally fucked me enough that I am marginally sated. He gets bonus points for determination and stamina there. But, dear readers, when I wrote the last post, I was already mulling over the things that were bothering me. […]


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