"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Go Speed Racer Go

Gotta get with him, he’s the top prize
How can I not love him
When he’s better than the bad guys?

I gotta zoom!
Lady, so gimme room!
Baby you hear the boom!
There’s no need to wonder whom

Will it be when I be zippin’ and dippin’
I got you trippin’ magnificent
If you’re in a predicament
Know that danger is imminent

Performed by: Ali Dee and the Deekompressors
Written by: Nobuyoshi Koshibe and Tetsuya Yoshida.

I ended up fucking the Hunter after our movie date. Yep, no self-control, patience was thrown out the window and we went from first kiss to first fuck in the span of about 30 minutes. Good grief, sometimes I surprise even myself. He wanted to come back over to my place tonight, but I gently told him I needed space and a night to think….and see Don Juan potentially, but more on that another day.

My place is walking distance to the movies, so that is what we did. He brought over his favorite wine, a really nice Malbec, and fresh flowers from his backyard. I was touched. What a contrast from Don Juan’s empty hands…

I must say that when the Hunter arrived, he looked hot. He got a new outfit for our date (cue all of us saying, “awwww”). He was easy on the eyes and I was pleased. The walk to the movies was nice and it was even nicer when we walked back under the full moon. We were cozy during the movie with him holding my hand throughout. I was charmed when he told me in the movie theater that he was nervous about our date and he had to reassure himself that it was Maggie, a woman he likes and gets along with easily.

When we walked back, he asked me if I was curious on why he hadn’t kissed me up until this point. I told him that I was being patient and giving him the space to decide how he wanted to proceed. Yep, I really wasn’t in a hurry. I even had in my mind that there would be no sex in this date. OK, I forgot to grab my vibe and have a pre-date O, so perhaps I was sending some strong horny signals, but I was also teasing him a bit to see what would happen.

Let’s back up and examine the above statement. I was teasing him a bit to see where things would go. Hmmm, I was testing my sexual allure to men? Yep, I think so. The Hunter, at the end of the day, is an experiment to me to see how I do with attracting men outside of online dating. OK, Maggie wins and as they say in Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.” I have more thoughts about this later in this post.

We got back to my place to watch the Super Bowl. He opened his wine and since my sober month had floated by, I had a glass. I had gotten wings and a couple of other things to nibble on during the game. Well, when the wings were ready, so were we….to go upstairs and fuck like rabbits. He started with kissing me. We were kissing on the couch and he started moving ahead with rubbing my breasts and my clit through my jeans. This is a zero to 60 guy. He moved me to lying down on the couch and is over me. I look up at him and ask, “What happened to moving slow? I am not intending to have sex with you tonight. That wasn’t what I had in mind.” Well, that was gasoline on the fire. He now wanted to fuck me and fuck me a lot.

The Hunter has some moves. First of all, he is very strong. Perhaps one of the all time strongest guys I have dated. I am taller than he is by about an inch and I am no Kate Moss. He can pick me up and move me around like I’m a peanut. I like that.

We get upstairs. Clothes are off, and I discover that he likes dirty talk. His machismo fully emerges. His first position with me is from behind starting with doggy style and ending with me lying flat and my legs closed. That is his favorite apparently. The amusing moment for me is that he didn’t want to cum in me because he was concerned about me getting pregnant. I laugh and tell him welcome to the benefits of fucking a post-menopausal woman. Yes, yes, I need to just buy a case of rubbers and actually use them each and every time.

I didn’t cum until after he came twice. I decided since the poor guy had not had sex in probably over a year at least, I would let the oil well gush a little before capping it. Then when he was sated with two orgasms, it became Maggie’s turn. Let’s see if the guy is coachable. I tell him that the easiest way to rev me up is to go for my tits. He said he noticed. I said that if you combine that with 3-4 fingers on my G-spot, he could make me cum. He got the job done. Once I had that one, I had another later during sex, but I need more stimulation in my clit than he provides. Hmmm, note to self on that.

His naughty bag is apparently nothing compared to my naughty drawer. He was laughing that I had a lot more freak in me than he thought. That was interesting to me because I am not particularly freaky. My drawer is getting a bit more interesting these days as I experiment with a few things, but in our blogging world, it is quite ordinary. Not that he was complaining – what red-blooded man would complain about a woman who is GGG (Good, Giving & Game)?

Here’s what I liked about him: he is strong, he can be rough – he was pulling my hair and bit my neck hard enough that today it hurts and there’s a mark. Nice. He is coachable. I have told him to go listen to Dan Savage to get an idea of my take on sex and relationships, etc.

Here’s what makes me sigh woefully: “Do you think this is your last first kiss?” Really, you are asking for a commitment now? This was before the clothes came off and we got busy. I told him that we would have to see. I can’t go there for exclusivity before we even fuck. I don’t know about that.

So what do I do with this guy? Now that I have snared the Hunter do I catch and release? Do I sit him down and tell him that while I really enjoy his company and his bedroom skills, I am not thinking that this has long-term, exclusive potential. My brain is thinking about how such a FWB situation would work with him and if he could tolerate it. Like I have said before, he is merely foreplay and not my end game. Is it fair to him to string him along? I think not. I don’t appreciate when I put emotion into a relationship only to realize that it is not reciprocated. I have been on the receiving end and it hurts. Hmmm, another lesson in my journey is before me. It will be interesting to navigate this.


Comments on: "Go Speed Racer Go" (27)

  1. Nice! So the Hunter went for his prey! Or is it the prey who was hunting all along?
    To be tossed around. Sigh…
    but well, I’m far from being Kate Moss. So unless I get my game together and seriously lose weight, it’s going to be hard finding someone who can do it. Ah, well… 🙂
    I’m looking forward to the sequel 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. YES YES YES!!!!! I love a woman who goes for what she wants with no apologies!!! 😍😈

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m loving the Hunter in his new outfit! Roar!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well what’s a horny girl to do? Somehow I think it was you showing him moves, but perhaps I’m off base there he he. BUT I think it’s way too early to be wondering about hurting him. He fucked you on the 1st official date for pete’s sake. You’ve underestimated him so far. Relax and see how things progress

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh maggie I had a good giggle through this! Sounds like you had a ball and he sounds lovelyyyy 😀 xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • He is a good man – but in and out of the bedroom. It will be interesting to see where this goes — both in and out of the bedroom. He’s the first guy to take done time to actually get to know me before jumping in the sack. It is pretty funny that as soon as we were “un chaperoned” in a private setting (my home), he pounced. Hey, I’m not complaining….


  6. One of the great benefits of having an older woman as a lover is that they are not afraid to tell a man what she wants. His cummng twice so soon is a sign that he hasn’t had it for a while; something tells me you’re going to milk that…

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I guess you are going to have a great Valentine’s Week.

    Liked by 1 person

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