"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Oh please don’t be so careless with your glances
Don’t look at me that way and breathe a sigh
Please don’t get too close and let me love you
‘Cause I just might be fool enough to try

It’s not that I don’t think I’m worthy of you
But memories from the past I still recall
Please don’t get too close and let me love you
‘Cause I just might be fool enough to fall

Johnny Cash

I would say that today’s intro song is probably more from The Hunter’s perspective than mine. We had our date and once again, a G-rated encounter. Talk about a sloooowwww pursuit. Good grief.

The Hunter is an interesting character and I am still figuring him out because he is a mishmash of conflicting statements. Sit back because since The Hunter is a long game, the stories will be long also.

He asked me out for Saturday afternoon, but I had made plans with Don Juan, so we agreed on Sunday instead. A day later, Don Juan texts me that his arrival is postponed, so I offer Saturday back to The Hunter. He’s smart; he had made plans to spend the day with his son already, so I was left in the cold. Game on! Then it got more interesting.

Saturday night I am watching a movie and idly flipping through Facebook. Who pops up in photos on his Facebook? The Other Woman. They apparently had gone hiking somewhere. Interesting. I felt a brief twinge of jealousy and/or competition. Then I thought, “Well played, Hunter, well played.”

That post also made me think about what a guy would think of my sex life. If I have a twinge of jealousy over a G-rated day in nature, how will a guy react to my FWB arrangements? I digress, but this will be discussed in a future post. You want to know about our date. It was a date for real. The Hunter took me on a picnic and it was great.

To know me is to know that I have limited amounts of patience and tact sometimes. At the very beginning of our date, I mentioned seeing the pictures on Facebook and asked where they had been hiking. I was curious about where they were because they were in some caves that I wasn’t aware of. Apparently his son blew him off (welcome to the world of 20-year-old sons), so The Hunter had a Plan B. End of story.

What did I learn for our picnic? The Hunter is a loooonngg game – far longer than I estimated. Damn, this guy still hasn’t made a move on me. Finally during the last half hour, he clearly stated his intentions or at least as clearly as a Hunter can. He is definitely interested, but he believes a relationship should start from respect and admiration. He has rushed things in the past and apparently I am his grand experiment in a slower pace. Seriously? It starts with me? Good grief.

In any case, he doesn’t want to be hurt. Yes, dear readers, it gives me pause to think about this since I am somewhat of a runaway train these days. He wants someone who has his back and vice versa. He still values his independence, and is not sure he wants to sacrifice it. I told him that I am in no hurry. He asked me point blank what my situation was. I said that I am dating and I have two men on the fringe and dismissed Don Juan and BG with the wave of my hand. I told him that I love living by myself and I have no intention of launching into marriage or a LTR necessarily that involves cohabitation.

He wanted to know where I am in my post-divorce process (i.e. is he going to be my rebound, I think). We talked about my timeline and I told him I’ve been working on identifying what I did to erode my marriage. I told him that I’m working on confrontation and expressing myself more within a relationship. If you ask me about this stuff, I will tell you and tell you more than you probably want to know.

I didn’t ask him about how the Other Woman plays into this because I am confident enough to know that she’s no competition. He’s 47 to my 50, so he will be my first younger man to date. In the parking lot, I got a platonic hug good-bye from him, so I raced my nails down his back….

That must have gotten him thinking because when I asked if he was going on an upcoming night hike, he said no and one of his reasons included it going late on a work night. I teased him about not staying up late and he said, “there are other things I would rather stay up late for.” Then he blushed and turned away. Nice.

Our next date…star-gazing. Surely he’ll kiss me then, right??


Comments on: "I’d Just Be Fool Enough (To Fall)" (8)

  1. Oh god, you made me laugh!
    Yes, talk about a slow pace! I think I would never have thought he may have been interested in me so slow he’s going about it!
    But the blushing? So cute 🙂
    Well, enjoy stargazing. Hopefully you’ll get a kiss and a grope too 🙂

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    • We had a flirty text banter but I believe the first lesson I will learn from The Hunter is patience. Sigh. That doesn’t really jive with my 2015 mantra – Make Shit Happen!! This whole situation is amusing nonetheless.

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  2. Obviously this “Hunter” takes his time scoping, tracking, shadowing, and catching/killing his prey. Patience indeed. I hope you can find it. 🙂

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  3. I’m not sure how I would handle a similar situation. If I’m sexually interested in a guy, I would prefer that he be a bit assertive – taking charge, if you like. I don’t mind waiting a few dates to hit the sheets, but then again, if I was really interested, I would be open to having sex sooner. To have someone go so slow would drive me a little crazy (and not in a good way). The “Will he? Won’t he?” uncertainty is something I don’t do well with. I think it harkens back to my marriage – although I asked him to do so, my husband was never sexually aggressive. I wanted to be pushed up against a wall and kissed until I was breathless. I wanted to occasionally be manhandled in bed. As it was, every day I woke up wondering if he was even interested in me and if he would rebuff me if I tried to initiate sex (which, unfortunately happened more often than I would care to admit).

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    • Like i have said – this is a test of my patience. He gives every indication of being a strong, assertive man who is merely taking his time. I think if and when we get between the sheets, he will prove quite capable. Time will tell. Tick tock tick tock.


  4. […] react. He had been developing a friendship with the Other Woman parallel to ours. This is also the woman that he had spent the day with previous to our picnic in the park. As I have come to find out, the Hunter is very savvy and adept with the dating and mental games. […]


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