"Love My Way, It's a New Road"


I’m crazy for feeling so lonely
I’m crazy
Crazy for feeling so blue

I knew you’d love me
As long as you wanted
And then someday
You’d leave me for somebody new

Why do I let myself worry?
What in the world did I do?

Crazy for thinkin
That my love could hold you
I’m crazy for tryin’ and crazy for cryin’
And I’m crazy for lovin’ you

Crazy for thinking
That my love could hold you
I’m crazy for tryin’ and crazy for cryin’
And I’m crazy for lovin’ you

Patsy Cline

Are you gone? Is it over? I have gone from being disappointed to sad. How long do I continue to wait – to have hope? My pride says you get a week. My heart says as long as it takes. Perhaps your wife is in town rather than back home several states away. Perhaps work has continued to be a frenzy. But why am I making excuses for you? Because I want to believe that I am not at the bottom of your priority list. Right now I can’t even be a part of that priority list because it’s been more than a month since we have been in touch. I was hopeful that you would dash from the plane and contact me within 24 hours of arriving, but alas, my phone has been silent for more than 48 hours.

You left after an amazing night of passion with promises, caresses and kisses. You looked into my eyes and told me how lovely I am. What has happened? What changed? I haven’t. Have we been discovered? Has your time with your family changed your mind? I am a woman of action but in this situation I cannot take another action. I’ve texted you and emailed you to no avail. A couplet of each and one so poignant and heart-renderingly honest, that I must stop. My heart cannot be pulled anymore. I didn’t want to care so much after such a short time. There is so much I don’t know about you, but something I do know. I care and your disregard hurts more than I anticipated.

And if you do reappear? What then? I promised no drama, no games, yet I feel like you are giving me both. How do I gently but firmly tell you my feelings? How do we move forward or do we? I have so many questions, but for tonight I will try to sleep and I will try to begin to forget you because it seems to me that I am forgotten by you.

Oh yeah, I know the amazing Willie Nelson wrote this one, but Patsy sings it the way I need it sung tonight.


Comments on: "Crazy" (13)

  1. Oh Maggie!
    I’m sorry you feel lonely tonight.
    It is hard to not hear from the ones we are waiting to hear from!
    I hope you get some answers soon. There is nothing worse than being abandoned with not so much as a goodbye. It happened to me a long time ago (my first serious boyfriend). I took months to recover and it impacted my dating life tremendously…
    Positive thoughts coming your way.

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    • Thank you – at least I didn’t have all my eggs in one basket, but nonetheless it hurts. Oh well, it’s all part of the journey and who knows how thus will turn out. For now, I’ll shift my focus to work and me. Work is one relationship that doesn’t disappear….


      • Well, your work is one relationship that doesn’t disappear.
        Mine did last summer, and it was a hard blow to my self-esteem as well as my wallet 😉
        I guess it is hard, no matter what sort of relationship we’re talking about 😉

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  2. I am sorry to hear this – it sucks. It’s a hazard us dating folks all have but exacerbated when you date someone who is married. I am sure you aren’t forgotten, but it is an awful feeling when yoh realise where you are on the priority list. I would counsel you to think carefully about whether you let him back in, should he reappear.

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  3. Yes a tough one! But I do think you are correct. Actions speak volumes. And unless there is rock solid evidence as to why communication has gone totally MIA …

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  4. It’s time to declare a girls’ night with your best friends. I always find a night out with the girls (and a few glasses of wine) helps me feel better—and makes everything much clearer.

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    • I agree 100%. Unfortunately I came up with the brilliant idea of no alcohol for January for me and my work team. In lieu of getting shitfaced, I’m getting a massage and facial on Saturday. Also, guess who finally texted me today – Don Juan. Post will follow tonight.


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