"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Waiting for a Long Time

I’ve been waitin’ for a girl like you.
Been waitin’ for a long time.
And I’ve been waitin’ for a love that’s true.
Been waitin’ for a long time.

I been waitin’ for blue skies.
Been waitin’ for blue eyes.
Waitin’ for a long time.
I’ve been standin’ in the pourin’ rain.
Waitin’ for you-oo.
Waitin’ for a long time.

The Highwaymen

If you haven’t read the beginning of this story, you can read Part 1 and Part 2.

New Year’s Day is the dawn of a new year and a new, dry day. No more rain, so the Hunter’s first words are, “You HAVE to stay another night to make up for last night.” I am fine with that and agree after conferring with my son. The Hunter makes breakfast: omelet , bacon and coffee. I volunteer my son to do the dishes, and my feminist activist side does a secret happy dance.

My competitive side does a happy dance because the Other Woman hasn’t responded if she is joining us. She had told the Hunter she would be there, but now she isn’t responding to his inquiries. Her non-responsiveness didn’t sit well with the Hunter at all. He doesn’t like games or drama. I think perhaps there was a bit of naivety in him to think that he, a single man, could invite two single women and not also get some form of drama, although the women in this hiking club are relatively low-key.

Without the Other Woman to contend with, we pack up to head out for our hike. We pile into the Hunter’s pick-up. It’s a small one so I seize shotgun in an effort to have a few minutes alone with him to see what would transpire. The Professor and my son are in the back of the truck. It’s a short ride to the trailhead. Nothing transpires, sigh.

Off we go into the woods. It’s a great hike, but by this time, I have given up hope of anything transpiring between me and the Hunter. The four of us are together constantly and he’s a cautious guy. Our conversations have been great and we are constantly finding common ground, common interests. I also recognize that I am a bit intimidating. I have a big career. I don’t say that to brag, but it’s a fact. I negotiate big deals and I do this every day. It can intimidate a man, particularly a man who currently makes $20/hour. Sorry, but let’s be honest, I am not for the faint of heart. A man has to be self-assured and confident to want to be with me. But I digress.

We are two-thirds through this long hike. It’s longer than anticipated because the Professor is navigating and he got us on an 8-mile loop. We are spreading out because everyone is hiking at his own pace, so I find myself alone with the Hunter with my son and the Professor out of hearing distance. He confirms with me where I live. I tell him that I can walk to the grocery store, the gym, a major mall. He says, “Why don’t we get together? I can come by your place and we can walk to the movies.” What?? Did he FINALLY just ask me out? I coolly reply, “That would be great. There is also a great bar with live music in walking distance as well.” He laughed and said, “But you aren’t drinking for 30 days, so let’s stick with a movie.” He’s right. My work team and I are off alcohol for 30 days, my brilliant idea.

Now I am purring with contentment. OK, my instincts and dating coaches are right. He is interested in me, but he is going to take a long, slow approach at this. It is similar to how he hunts deer. He puts up a tree stand and then climbs up there to wait. He puts his stand in an area that attracts the deer so his odds are increased, but he has to wait for the deer to come to him. That is my strategy here as well. I have to wait for the Hunter to approach me in his own time.

We all were wiped when we finally made it back to the truck. I let the Professor have shotgun on the way back to camp because he hiked with a 30 pound pack to train for his Appalachian Trail hike and he was exhausted. I sat in the back of the pickup and enjoyed the wind on my face, my son’s company and the accomplishments of the day: a long hike and a possible upcoming date.

That was it, dear readers. No kissing, no groping – this was a G-rated expedition. We packed up and left the next morning. I gave the Professor a hug good-bye so I could give a bigger hug to the Hunter. He gave me some great birthday present ideas for my son (which I needed because my ex and I bought the EXACT same TV for the kid). I sent him a “got home safe and thank you” message. His response was, “Question is…will you go again?” I responded, “Absolutely”. Now he is quiet, but looking all through my Facebook today because I catch him liking photos. No doubt he is reflecting on all that he has learned about me while I do the same about him.


Comments on: "Waiting for a Long Time" (4)

  1. Maybe no kissing or groping, but I think all bodes well. Hmmm makes me wonder though how aggressive in the bedroom he will be.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well I know he MUST be horny because he apparently doesn’t date…. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I’m learning another lesson in dating: patience. This may be the hardest lesson of all.


  2. ah, yes, patience. Tell me about it 😉

    Well, I’m looking forward to hearing about the movies. You know, dark room, so many opportunities to kiss and grope 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. […] past week. I had always thought that she was my competition and apparently I wasn’t wrong. During our platonic New Year’s Eve camping trip, the Hunter had invited her also. She didn’t come once she caught wind that I was there. Over […]


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