"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

My Kind of Man

If I’m not your kind of woman being just the way I am
Then I know you’re really not my kind of man
I don’t believe you have the right to ask me to be different
Either take me like I am or let me be

Dolly Parton

If you don’t recall my first post about the Hunter, you can backtrack and read about him here. Fast forward and I am traveling two hours from home with my college-age son to spend one or possibly two nights camping with a guy who may or may not be interested in me. What the heck am I thinking? My lessons learned from this: 1) sometimes you just need to make a leap of faith and 2) sometimes you have to be patient and let your prey approach you first.

I borrow camping gear from friends so I am outfitted with a beautiful 3-person tent, sleeping bags, air mattress, and lantern. I bring along my cooler, chairs and folding table along with a ton of other stuff. Camping needs a lot of gear and my car is stuffed to the gills. The Hunter checks on me several times leading up to our departure to insure that a) I am coming and b) that I’m bringing what I will need. It’s reassuring and I can sense his excitement that we are joining him. We ended up switching campgrounds when the trail group cancelled their New Year’s Day hike at the last minute. This also meant that we would not be rendezvousing with the larger group on New Year’s Day – it would be just our foursome.

On December 27th, we hash this out through Facebook Messenger. I also get this question:

OK, so arrive midday or so on New Year’s Eve, leave whenever we wish. Sounds great.   If I want to stay I can. Do you have a super duper recipe for chili?

Hmmm. I do make a good chili –are we competing?  I reply.

No! I picked up my deer meet from the processor today and I have about 5 lbs for chili. Can we make it over there?

Before I answer this, I sit and pause. My feminist alarms are ringing. Really? Are we going to lapse into traditional roles here? Am I comfortable with that? Is this his expectation of me? I sit and think for a minute. He is providing the meat, so I guess I could cook it, but my modern woman sighs about this. Am I setting a bad precedent? I answer, “Sure”.

LOL! Is it too much work?

“Not at all! Folks like my chili but it’s not a fancy recipe. I’m all about simplicity. Do you have a big pot? I can bring the rest of the ingredients.”

We continue to chat about logistics and who is bringing what. He is bringing the vast majority of the camp kitchen items. My feminist alarms subside.

On New Year Eve’s day, my son and I hit the road to parts unknown. I get 2/3 of the way there and call the Hunter. He’s in front of us and pulls over to wait for us, so we can arrive together and lessen my chance of getting lost. Perfect, because I didn’t bring the instructions. Apparently this isn’t something that you can Google Map. Yes, I was impressed with his thoughtfulness.

We arrive at the campground and begin setting up camp under some trees close to a water source. The bathrooms and showers are an easy walk away. It’s really nice. This campground allows horses, so they are all over. I’m a horse fanatic, so I enjoy watching them. We get things all set up and the Hunter is helpful but not intrusive. He and my son warm up quickly.

My son is an easy-going guy. He ended up being a great asset because he brought along his camping supplies (although he rarely camps) and he had a bunch of really useful items such as parachute cord, zip ties, lighters. Anytime we needed something, the kid had it.

Because we are busy getting tents set up and the camp organized, there is little time for awkwardness. The Hunter suggests that we cook immediately so we don’t have to do it in the dark. I make chili and it was well received by all. He washes dishes (and I later find out this is one of his most dreaded tasks). Then we head out and take a short hike to get the lay of the land. We return just in time to greet the arrival of our fourth, the Professor, and….take shelter from the rain. Yes, it started raining. Not too hard, but steady and for hours. That’s the first bad news of this trip.

The second bad news of the trip is that the Hunter invited another single woman to join our merry group. I also know her through the hiking club. She said that she would arrive on New Year’s Day. I didn’t know about her until my arrival. That took some of the wind out of my sails. Competition? Really?

In my next posts, I’ll tell you about the rain, the drama, the long hike and the longer game of the Hunter’s interest.


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  2. Nothing like camping under the rain. Wet shoes, wet socks, nowhere to hang them to dry… :-/
    On the other hand, the smell of the freshly dampened ground, the soft platter on the tent roof…
    Oh well, I’m looking forward to the next post, to see how it turned out 🙂

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  3. […] you haven’t read the beginning of this story, you can read Part 1 and Part […]


  4. […] discovered that we were really interested in one another. It’s a multi-post story that begins here and continues to Part 2 .  This year it was me, the Hunter and my son, who felt like a […]

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  5. […] discovered that we were really interested in one another. It’s a multi-post story that begins here and continues to Part 2 .  This year it was me, the Hunter and my son, who felt like a […]

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