"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Hungry Like a Wolf

I’m on the hunt I’m after you
Smell like I sound, I’m lost in a crowd
And I’m hungry like the wolf
Straddle the line in discord and rhyme
I’m on the hunt I’m after you

Duran Duran

I haven’t told you about The Hunter. Perhaps time is drawing near to tell you about him. He’s been chatting with me thru FB for about 6-8 weeks now. He is definitely my body type. I like him. He’s funny, kind, smart, thoughtful.

But….(there is always a but with me). Well, hold on, let’s back up and start at the beginning because The Hunter is perhaps the only guy in my candidate pool that is NOT from online dating. Plus it took the advice and interpretation of two men for me to understand that this guy is very interested in me. Sit back and I’ll tell you the whole story.

I met The Hunter in July on an incredibly hot (temperature) group hike. We did 7 miles and even though we started very early in the morning, the last two miles felt like sub-Saharan Africa. He was in the group of 20 or so folks. I noticed him because I notice all men my age in this hiking group – he was one of 3 or 4 possibilities that day. Actually I was chatting more with another guy — European, very smart. But I digress.

The next time I came across The Hunter was a smaller hike. We had about 10 people. Three of us hung in the back and that’s when we began to hit it off. I was flirty that day. I discovered his fear of snakes. It was a really fun day and as soon as he got home he friended me on FB. We were already on the hiking club’s page, but now he can IM me.

He IM’ed me the Friday before Thanksgiving to see if I was hiking that weekend. Now, keep in mind that the previous weekend was the HR fiasco, so now I have this nice guy wanting to hike with me. OK, I’m in, what the hell? But none of my girlfriends are going, so I’m flying solo. Ended up being the best thing.

He brings a wingman and once again we have a large group of about 18 hikers with about half a dozen from a nearby university. The college kids were endearing because most are city kids who have never been in the woods. By choice we old folk hung in the rear of the group. Now the Hunter has his wingman and another young guy who is a very experienced woodsman, so the three of them are chatting it up. I really like his wingman, great married man with two young children. Super friendly, funny guy. It is during this hike that Hunter begins testing the waters with me.

It starts with, “Aren’t you afraid out here, Maggie?” Now why in the world would I be afraid in a group of 18 with experienced people leading the hike? “Nope,” I reply. “How would you feel being out here at night?” I answer, “It depends. I would never come out here by myself. I have no business doing that, but I would probably be OK with it under the right circumstances.”

The whole day I am getting these funny, mixed messages from him that took my male dating coaches interpretation for me to understand where the heck he was headed. The Hunter made statements like:
• “I don’t date.”
• “I really enjoy being single” (he’s been divorced for about 10 years)
• “I make $20/hour as a groundskeeper and I’m happy with that” (there is a whole story behind this one)
• “Wingman set me up with a beautiful girl, but I wasn’t interested in her.”
• “I met a really cool woman on another hike, but I just wasn’t interested in dating her.”
• “I’m a good-looking guy, it’s not that I don’t have opportunities to date, I’m just not interested.” (I was impressed that he actually said this with humility.)

At the end of the hike, we sit on the tailgate of his pickup truck while I have my absolute favorite post hike beverage, an Arizona Diet Green Tea, and chat some more. Some of the above gems popped out. My reply to all of this is, “Cool. I’m not interested in a committed relationship and I am certainly not looking for another husband – God forbid.”

Then his whole story about his divorce and his previous life spilled out. It’s his story and I’m not going to share it today, but there is a true tragedy in how his marriage blew up. It explained why his ambition dried up (at the time he was working a government job and running a full-time landscaping business). I can see that his mojo is returning because he is talking about creating another company with his son. But for now, he indulges in the activities that make him happy and it all revolves around being outside in the woods.

I get home and I am puzzled. This guy seemed interested and yet, he was making statements that showed no interest. Thank goodness for helpful male dating coaches. Both counsel that he is VERY interested and predict that I will be hearing from him with some type of an invitation in the next couple of days, but The Hunter needs a little time to digest what he learned about me and to decide if he’s ready to make a move.

Sure enough, within 48 hours, I get an invitation to go hiking (and camping) over Thanksgiving weekend. I can’t go because my kids are in town. But I make sure I tell him that I am very interested and would love to do it some other time. Guess what, that time has come. I will be spending New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day camping and hiking with The Hunter and my son. Oh boy, this is gonna be interesting. Particularly since I don’t camp – I’m a day hiker. I’m borrowing gear and we are staying in a campground, so I’ll be fine. Any man that has seen me without makeup and is still interested is man enough for me.


Comments on: "Hungry Like a Wolf" (9)

  1. You’re going camping with this man AND YOUR SON? Yep, that’s going to be interesting, for sure! It will feel like trying to flirt when you were a teenager, trying to avoid getting the attention of your parents, except this time it’s your son’s attention you’ll have to deflect… I’m looking forward to hearing about this!


    • Hysterical, right?! Plus I am going to ask z girlfriend to go. My son is definitely a cock block, but The Hunter is having no issues with my entourage. To his credit, he has suggested bringing friends previously. He wants me comfortable and not freaking out that I am alone in the woods with a virtual stranger. I guess you could say the same about him…(alone in the woods with a stranger). It will definitely make for an entertaining post, that much I know for sure.

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      • Ugh, I’ve tried to like this comment 4 times. I don’t know what WP is doing to me, but I’m starting to get seriously annoyed!
        Yes, he’s going to be alone in the woods with a virtual stranger too… He must like adventure 😉


  2. I say go for it with gusto! Onward and upward. He seems, so far, an upright type of guy. He has a history? Gee … that’s unusual. You’re gonna have fun, and one way or another, at least you won’t regret going for it. And I hope your son has fun, too, chaperoning Mom

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  3. So do i tell my kid before we arrive at the campground? He knows we are hiking with a group, but i havent explained the camping areangements at this point. LOL. Im thinking i will wait to see if any of my GF’s join us. Thanks for the encouragement, Marty. I appreciate you encouraging my inner wanton teen-ager!

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    • You know your son better than we could. My gut, though, says take it easy and gauge his (your son’s) reaction. It may be a bit much at first for him to see what a wanton wolf his mom really is. Better he says to you afterward “Mom, why didn’t you … ? rather than Mom why DID you … ? “


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