"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Friend with Benefits

Want it, Need it

I think it’s so cute how you use me
Whenever you want sex I’m who you come and see
I’m the one you call when ya body on E
You need a refill I’m who you come see

Plies (feat. Ashanti)

I had a great evening with BG and it’s proof to me that dating can be fun and easy. Plus it ended with awesome sex. Whoo hoo!

We had been trying to meet over the past week, but our schedules just weren’t in sync. Then on Wednesday, we were both downtown, so he invited me to join him at the soft opening of a new restaurant. We had a blast. The restaurant is very cool and trendy – certain to be a huge success. We just had a great time chatting, telling stories. BG is certainly easy to talk to and we both thoroughly enjoy each other’s company both in and out of the bedroom.

He asked me if I would go to a hotel with him and I replied, “of course”. We had a great time. I had some ass-kicking meetings that day, so I was in a severe suit with glasses (not my usual look). I had warned him ahead of time because our previous dates have been far more casual. Fortunately I typically wear something sexy underneath just to feel a trifle naughty. Apparently my conservative look was a turn-on. When we hit the room, sparks were flying. We started making out and he immediately stripped me out of my suit. We paused to go have a couple of hits of pot in the bathroom like teen-agers. Then back to the main attraction. I’m finding that BG likes it a bit rough. He likes to bite, squeeze and I’m finding that this turns me on. We found our favorite position that night was a modified doggy style with me twisting my upper torso around to watch him. Very sexy.

He told me how much fun he has with me and this was even before we hit the hotel. BG may be the perfect FWB. He keeps in touch just enough to let me know I’m on his mind. He is always easy to hang out with. Our one serious conversation was regarding condoms. I’ve been tested for STI’s and thankfully I’m clean as a whistle. I have told BG this and we discussed that should my situation change, I will tell him and we’ll go back to condoms. For now, let’s just let things ride.


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  1. That sounds very hot! Congratulations.


  2. So I assume he’s clean as a whistle as well? (says the woman who’s never really fucked with a condom, except a few times with my husband when I’d told him I was ready to start a family and I’d stopped the pill so now it was on him if he wanted to wait)

    But I’m glad that you had a great time 🙂

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    • He’s clean. Of that I am sure. Up until I was tested, he was very careful. Our communication is open and honest enough that I have made it clear that he can tell me if we need to add protection. We both agree – no judgement.

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  3. Excellent! The stars are aligned 😀 Enjoy!


  4. As a follow up, BG was texting me while he was at Happy Hour. It’s flattering and sexy when a guy tells you he was thinking of you this morning while in the shower….

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  5. Love those morning after texts! Makes the night before even better.

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