"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Have a Drink on Me

So don’t worry ’bout tomorrow
Take it today
Forget about the cheque we’ll get hell to pay
Have a drink on me
Yeah have a drink on me
Yeah have a drink on me
Have a drink on me


Ah, if it’s Monday, than you know Maggie must be bitching about something. How about I bitch about….nothing for a change. Yep, it was a normally crazed Monday but not one that made me rip my hair out. Last week was a whirlwind ending with me traveling across the state to a conference and spending the weekend with a young girlfriend. My liver paid the price of my foolishness of thinking I am young again.

From what I recall of Friday evening, it was ridiculous with me running around with two beautiful 20-something women, an alumni lacrosse team and a bitterly fighting married couple of which the husband is stalking one of the 20-somethings (M) and the wife had cheated on him with a co-worker. Yes, a regular Peyton Place rolled into my drunken world. The evening ended with me puking my guts out, the wife going home in a taxi because the beautiful M was being pursued by the husband, M being locked out of her apartment because we left with her purse….details are a bit fuzzy. My work colleague (lacrosse alum) sent me this photo the next morning. It says it all.


Oh yes, my texts were epic also as the night wore on. I took a look at a series sent to HR and they were hilarious as I got drunker. Ahhh, yes, no alcohol for a couple of years.

After a two hour flight delay (yes, this weekend was never-ending), I got home to have Don Juan virtually on my doorstep waiting to see me. This guy is growing on me. He’s good in bed. He went down on me and his skills are very good. We had a great evening and he didn’t want to leave until around midnight. I have to say that just knowing that he was eagerly waiting to sleep with me made me aroused during the whole fucking two hour delay. I got home with just enough time to get cleaned up (showered, shaved – I needed to get that weekend scraped off me). It was a very sensual, enjoyable evening. From what I could tell, no Viagra at play this time, but he still does quite well with some patience. Sorry, I couldn’t bring myself to quiz him on any blue pill usage. Both of us have very busy weeks. He wants to come back over on Thursday, but I can’t, so he suggested Sunday and that’s a problem because I’m headed off to see HR. I told him I would be out of town visiting a friend.

This weekend I am headed over to HR’s neck of the woods for our second encounter – a two night sleepover and HR is pulling out the stops for me. He’s got some fun dates planned, so it will be interesting to see how we mesh. He hasn’t told me exactly what we are doing, but his packing list is giving me enough hints. His town is about 4-5 hours away, so I know that on Sunday I will want to rest and reflect on the weekend, not play with Don Juan.

Plus on Wednesday, I should be seeing a guy that I have yet to tell you about. That coffee connection will have to be postponed due to a work conflict that just popped up today. Rats – he’s younger and cute. The fourth guy is BG. Last week he was super quiet and I was beginning to think I may have intimidated him, but he popped up on Thursday hoping to see me last minute. Then he continued to text me over the weekend, so he’s back in play as well.

Four men is plenty of action for me and no complaints for this Monday. What a welcome change! I just need some beauty sleep…..


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  1. Well, sweet dreams then! With 4 men to fill them, they should be sweet indeed!


    • That remains to be seen. The juggling will be interesting. One is a long-distance relationship who just happens to be nearby for about three weeks. One travels/works between two cities so his time is limited. One travels a lot for work and his time is limited to business hours. Yes, that’s a challenge. It is a logistical puzzle….at times.


  2. […] Prior to learning about these guys’ schedules, Thanksgiving was already a complex logistical time for me. My daughter is bringing her boyfriend home for the first time. He’s never been to our city, so we all want to show him the sights. My son will be home from his first semester away at college. These are key reasons for me to stay close to home. I acceded Thanksgiving to my ex because he is one of four siblings and they all celebrate Thanksgiving together. It’s far more important to me (and my kids) to have my kids spend Thanksgiving with their cousins, aunts and uncles. I am planning a rollicking Friday for all the cousins, friends, etc. to hang out together at a really cool area of town. We’ll be able to spend the day together and the boyfriend will get a real flavor of our town. Yes, I am trying to stay 29 forever and be the popular aunt/adult of the family. This time I swear my liver will not be punished like it was this past weekend. […]


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