"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Burn One Down

Let us burn one
from end to end
and pass it over
to me my friend
burn it long, we’ll burn it slow
to light me up before I go

Ben Harper

First, Don Juan is right – I like smoking pot and then fucking. Awesome. However, it could be making me more intense rather than less. But first things first, BG made the most of his second chance and exceeded expectations.

We met in at a nearby restaurant’s bar and had a couple of beers before going back to my place. We have no problem chatting about life, etc. This bar is so close that I walked over and then later I simply rode home with BG to my place.

By sheer coincidence, the beer I picked up was his favorite – Flat Tire, not a common one, but I like it too. We smoked some weed and I was off to the clouds. Guess what, either his kissing skills did improve (which I think was the case) or as the researchers stated, once I fucked him, his kissing didn’t really matter anymore. Actually it was the former. Oh yeah, the kissing started before I got stoned, so this was a clear-headed assessment.

BG did quite well. When I asked him his preference on position, he wanted me to take the lead and choose whatever I wanted. His oral skills were really good and when combined with his fingering and fucking, I was happy. Oh yeah, now I have discovered that when I‘m relaxed (aka stoned), I’m more vocal. It is all feeling so good that I want the world to know. Apparently I do come across as insatiable – second guy to mention it this week, but I reassured him that wasn’t the case. However, once he left, I brought out my toys and continued to enjoy my high. Is that insatiable?

You know, I think finding a woman who is actually wanting and really enjoying sex is a novelty for these guys. They have been in a long-term relationship where things have become stale, boring. Now they have someone who enjoys sex…with them and it’s much more exciting. Interestingly, BG has some things to learn. He hasn’t played with toys on a partner, so we talked about that and adding it to our repertoire next time. He hasn’t really thought about fantasies or things we could do that would turn him on (or so he says) other than getting oiled up and slipping around. Who knows, this guy could come back with some huge kink. Wouldn’t that be funny?

This week’s lesson: a nice guy deserves a second chance. Twice this week, I was pleasantly surprised to have him exceed expectations.


Comments on: "Burn One Down" (6)

  1. Insatiable? Interesting


    • Right? I find that interesting for a couple if reasons. 1) does it mean they don’t feel “up” to the task of satisfying me? 2) am I too demanding for an older guy and/or the guys I’m hooking up with? 3) I’m trusting this is a positive statement and relates to my sexiness because there is no way I’m toning it down. These guys need to step it up and do better! LOL

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  2. It IS a positive statement. And I would say that both #1 and #3 apply. And don’t ever tone it down


  3. They should feel challenged towards a woman like you, it’s something wild new in their lives!


  4. […] to a work conflict that just popped up today. Rats – he’s younger and cute. The fourth guy is BG. Last week he was super quiet and I was beginning to think I may have intimidated him, but he […]


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