"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Start Me Up

If you start me up
If you start me up I’ll never stop
If you start me up
If you start me up I’ll never stop
I’ve been running hot
You got me ticking gonna blow my top
If you start me up
If you start me up I’ll never stop

Rolling Stones


I wrote briefly about Don Juan here, but I never got around to writing about our first date. It was a charming evening right before I left on vacation. In the flurry of vacation, he was overlooked because quite honestly I put him in the friend zone and forgot about him. He didn’t forget about me. We decide on a second date, but I’m kicking myself about not telling him that he’s officially in the friend zone and that while it’s great to hang out with him, I’m not feeling the chemistry. Welllll, it’s a good thing I didn’t do that.

Let me give you a brief description so we can properly set the scene. Don Juan says he’s 56 but when I googled him it pops up that he’s 58. OK, close enough. He’s got a slender, athletic build. Don Juan is gray on the sides and bald on top. He’s slightly above average looks, has a nice smile and long slender fingers. He is not my ideal guy in the looks department, but I am fast learning to move past this. He is also a very successful businessman. Very.

For our second date, he chooses a picturesque restaurant that has amazing views but it’s a little out of the way for me. That’s OK, the views are worth it. We meet for a drink and have an appetizer. The conversation flows between us. He’s very interesting, well-traveled and we have quite a few common interests. The first time I thought I was just talking waayy too much, so this night I tried to rein it in. He has a single shot of tequila and I have two glasses of wine. I’m thinking, OK, let’s get a table and have dinner. He has other thoughts and decides to ask for something that is not on the menu. Don Juan turns to me and says, “I want to have sex with you.”

I pause and blink. Think for a second and agree. What the hell. I was feeling some chemistry on this second date and I like his direct approach. I ask him about the logistics. He’s got this thought out. He tells me there is a nearby hotel. I know it; it’s a trendy boutique hotel. OK, I’m in. We decide to take his car out of valet and leave mine which wasn’t parked in valet and off we go to the hotel.

Folks, it is a bit awkward to walk into a small hotel with a man and no luggage to check in. It’s glaringly apparent what is going on. Plus ALL of the staff are men. Whatever, they won’t see me again—I hope.

OK, game on. We go up to the room…and we trashed it. OMG. This guy has got some strong skills in the bedroom, lots of stamina and….Viagra. It dawns on me about 30 minutes in that he has been able to keep a strong erection. Much better than other men in his age bracket. For once I’m not stupid and realize that his quick trip to the restaurant restroom was not only to set up the hotel, but to pop his pill. Folks, I am now a huge fan of Viagra.

Don Juan was great. He touched my tits exactly the way I like and that got me so turned on. He’s a great kisser. Energetic in bed and quite capable. He loves to touch me and explore my body. Those are all the positives. The minuses – he didn’t perform any oral, didn’t finger me or play with my clit. For our first encounter, he was an “insert dick into vag” kinda of dude – old school. I will refrain from any judgmental comments because apparently I am usually WRONG when I make these comments. He laughed and teased me for playing hard to get with him.

We fucked for five hours. There were breaks, little naps along the way, but we fucked for the majority of the time. Viagra is amazing. We would find ourselves sweaty, hopelessly tangled in the sheets, out of breath, but his dick was still ready to keep going. At the end, he just put his energizer bunny of a dick in me because we both enjoyed the sensation so much. I would squeeze it and he would slowly move inside me. Delicious.

He is a man of surprises. During an interlude of recovery, he asks me if I smoke pot. I tell him no, but I use to. He tells me that we should smoke pot and have sex that I would enjoy it. He found me intense and sensual in bed. Really? OK, I’ll take the sensual, but intense? I was relaxed – OK, greedy because I was in the Orgasm zone, but intense? Interesting…..but back to his question, hell, yeah, let’s smoke some pot and fuck. He’s the second AM guy to want to do this.

We left the hotel somewhere around 3:00 am. On the way back to retrieve my car, I ask, “did you take a blue pill tonight?” He laughs and doesn’t immediately answer. I don’t say anything and just let the question sit there. He confesses that yes, sometimes he uses it. I tell him that’s fine, I just want to know for health safety reasons. Folks, the back story on that is one of my ex’s clients (and close friend) had a heart attack while on Viagra and fucking his girlfriend. His wife wasn’t happy about the circumstances surrounding his demise. That’s the last thing I need in my life.

Anyway, my work day started on 3 hours of sleep – I haven’t done that in years. I sent Don Juan a quick text when I got home so he knew I was OK and thanked him for the evening. He replies back, “Thank you, you made it great. Thank you for your touch and kisses. We’ll do it again soon.”

I was wiped the day after. Little sleep, my body was worn out. I had lunch with another AM guy. He’s going to be fun, but he needs his own post. Then I get home tonight and Don Juan sends me this text, “Went to Pilates this evening. Had a small cramp in the leg. The instructor asks, “did you run a marathon?” “Almost,” I said. A very nice one indeed….”

Tomorrow night BG and I have our second date. It starts at a nice restaurant bar across the street from my place and we both know where we will end up. I’m looking forward to it. Let’s see if his kissing improves and just how rough he is in the bedroom. But for now, I need my beauty sleep.


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  1. Oh that sounds like so much fun – and A totally valid reason for your 2T&AL excuses 😉


  2. […] a two hour flight delay (yes, this weekend was never-ending), I got home to have Don Juan virtually on my doorstep waiting to see me. This guy is growing on me. He’s good in bed. He went […]


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