"Love My Way, It's a New Road"


There’s no passion, there’s no passion
There’s no passion, I need passion
You need passion, We need passion
Can’t live without passion
Won’t live without passion

Rod Stewart

I had lunch today with an AM guy, C. It was interesting because although we connected – relatively easy to chat with, plenty in common, he’s attractive and fit – there wasn’t a spark of arousal in me. We had had some hot sexting but,  the face-to-face meeting was ….OK….average….. So, of course, he is pressing to move things along. He finds me beautiful; he likes my directness and loves my stories. He is enamored with me. So what gives with me? Perhaps I need a bit more time and I agreed to see him again. C is thinking 2-3 dates before we jump in bed and I think I’ll need that time to decide what I want to do with him. He sends me a great follow up text. Everything on paper is good, but then I think about HR and some of the other guys I have been with and they are….nicer?

Why would I say this – this guy sent up no red flags with me and I’ve got a strong read on people. I had a problem looking him in the eye and I think it was because he really wanted to make a strong connection with eye contact. Typically I look everyone in the eye and this guy….not so much. Maybe that’s the problem – he was pushing for a strong connection, he was staring at me which may have made me uncomfortable subconsciously because to look him in the eye could potentially lead him to think we are connecting. Something to think about. In the meantime, I am meeting another AM guy tomorrow night followed by a third on Thursday. Good grief. I need to get some work done!!


Comments on: "Passion?" (1)

  1. I guess it seems strange since everything on the “list” can be checked off. Except the single biggest. Chemistry. But your gut know what it knows.


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