"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Touchy Feely

I’ll be touching your skin
Kissing your skin
Feeling your skin
I’ll be touching your skin
Kissing your skin
Feeling your skin

I feel like I’d just been let out a cage girl
Cause for so long for you iv had this crave girl
I’m waiting patiently and now your ready
Now I can tell you feel this sexy when you smile at me

R. Kelly

I had my first sleepover as a newly single woman and it was….great. Relaxing, good sex, great company and we had a really good time. This is an AM guy that I have been texting with for over a month. Let’s call him HR. He lives very, very far away; however, he travels regularly (8-9 times a year) to a city about 4 hours from me. HR actually grew up in my neck of the woods. How we connected on AM is a bit of mystery to me and I think it’s when I once again accidentally shared all my photos by pushing the wrong button the iPad. He’s a good guy. We are similar in many ways. He’s quieter than I am and I felt like I was talking waaayyy too much sometimes.

We decided to meet for lunch and if things went well, he could come back to my place and even potentially spend the night. Yes, I’m that bold at times. Lunch went really well and we ended up at my love nest. We had a great, touchy, feely afternoon romp. Although I had no time for this because my week was absolutely out of control busy, I turned off my phone and lost myself in the moment. It was totally worthwhile. He loved my body and my smile, found me sexy and beautiful, obsessed over my hips, touched me all over, and spent a lot of time just learning me. It was great.

I learned with HR that sometimes sex isn’t always about the orgasm. Sometimes it’s just about the connection. Perhaps I knew this years ago and this was only a refresher course, but it’s an important lesson. We played a little with one of my vibes; I think that was new for him. I wanted more sex than he was expecting which was amusing, but we enjoyed each other. I had an obnoxious 8:00 am meeting, so I was up early and we had a warm, delicious final romp without either of us orgasming. I climbed on top and we enjoyed the connection. He was good, giving and game – what more can I ask for? We hung out and discussed how surreal this whole experience was. If he wants to see me again, I would like that – a lot. Is this what normal is like?

Next week I’ll be meeting one of my over-sexed AM guys who isn’t necessarily my physical type, but he’s got great banter, seems very smart and seems to have a very strong sex drive. We’ll see.


Comments on: "Touchy Feely" (6)

  1. I love that song!


  2. Yes, the connection is EVERYTHING


  3. marriedheat said:

    Heather and I have had a lot of those “connection with no orgasm” moments in the last 6 months. It’s been very refreshing. I’m happy that you can have those moments as a single.


  4. […] HR has been wooing me. At the beginning of September, when we started, our banter was just day-to-day things. He would send me my horoscope; we would banter about our day. Work stuff like meetings, clients. Our professions have similarities so the jokes are easy. We started texting on the day before I headed up to see my son and have a threesome. […]


  5. […] song above. We then go into some song lyrics. I send him the R.Kelly song that was my lead in to my original post about […]


  6. […] but I can’t, so he suggested Sunday and that’s a problem because I’m headed off to see HR. I told him I would be out of town visiting a […]


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