"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Calling Doctor Brown

You don’t have no prescription
You don’t have to take no pills
You don’t have no prescription
And baby don’t have to take no pills
If you come to see me
Doctor brown will cure your ills

Oh ask any woman in my neighborhood
You just ask any woman in my neighborhood

Fleetwood Mac

Today I had the chance to talk to another AM candidate, let’s call him Doc. This guy talks a good game on his profile. Here are a couple of excerpts from his profile:

I am a very intelligent, sexy and very physically fit man who loves to have wild, hair pulling, hard kissing, deep penetrating sex with a GOOD WOMAN!! Let’s leave the sheets soaked and I don’t mean from sweat. Perhaps it is my training that allows me to know what women want.

A sexy woman can make me feel a rush to my groin with a word, a smile, a devlish grim, or of course, her hand down my pants. What can I say, that one always works. What turns me on is a woman I desire, when we talk on the phone my c_ck gets hard, when I see her I want to kiss her deeply, when we are alone I want to tear her clothes off and throw her on the bed. If you don’t want a man to do that to you then move on please. I like to get physical, not rough, I promise you will know how I feel about you, each and every time I see you.

I found his profile intriguing. Plus on top of this – he’s got a really good body. This is due, I discover, to years of martial arts training. He’s 49 and he’s a chiropractor. Man, another sexually-charged chiropractor. What the heck? He gets my photo access through me once again stupidly pushing the wrong button while on the iPad. Will I ever learn to stay away from AM while on the iPad? Here’s his first message to me:

I am glad you like my profile I am just not sure the distance between us will work. I do believe in being honest about myself and I am very dominate in bed, perhaps too dominate for a nice, soccer mom like yourself.:) What do you think?? I am not sure you have ever encountered a man like me before, I love to focus on the woman and if you are not used to several hours of hot sex and multiple orgasms you may want to think twice about meeting me. Yes, I am being a bit sarcastic, but that is just me. Tell me something about you, something naughty that you like.

What the heck? Soccer mom?? First of all, I am a lacrosse mom. Get it straight, buster. Second, well, here’s what I responded with:

Ahhh – seeing if I rise to the challenge. So do you want to hear about the 3-some I had 3weeks ago or the 2 AM guys I hooked up with this week while on vacation? Lacrosse mom on the outside, something else between the sheets:) I tell you what, let’s stay in touch. I’m hooking up with a hot 28-yr-old detective when I get back from vacation. Plus I have some others queued up. I’m also just being honest & candid. I’m a no drama woman. Let’s stay in touch and if one of hits a lull, we ping the other. Sound like a plan?

That was like a red flag before a bull. The guy came charging back for more banter. We finally talked on the phone today. Rather, he talked and I listened. Wow, this guy really talks. I was about to say forget it. I don’t want to listen to all this. Actually I was texting another AM guy that I was stuck on the phone and we were snickering about long-winded men. Of course AM #2 guy didn’t realize I was talking to his competition.

Two interesting things about Doc. 1) There is something up with his dick (pun intended).  During his 20’s he would stay hard for hours . He would have sex for up to 4 hours before cuming. It’s gotten easier as he gets older, but there is something going on with this guy. 2) He knows the human body and particularly a woman’s body. He was talking about how the muscle/tendon of the clit is connected to the G-spot and how he knows how to stimulate it. He talked about making a woman squirt. My attention swung back to him as he matter-of-factly discussed this bit of anatomy and how he knows how to make a woman orgasm. I got hot listening to his description.

He has had some very interesting experiences on AM. Doc is right that we are geographically undesirable for one another, but for a weekly booty call, this could work. We are going to grab coffee next week and get a read on one another. Then we can see where things go from there.

In the meantime, I have a rendezvous tomorrow with an AM guy I have yet to write about here. We have been texting on Google Hangout since I got on AM. He lives very far away but heads over to my state every 6-8 weeks for a 7-10 day visit for work. This is one of those visits. He’s a romantic. Every morning I get my horoscope and a photo of his sunrise, and then every evening I get a sunset photo. We have similar businesses so we understand the “eat what you kill” mentality. He’s different. We didn’t have any sexting until last week – this means four weeks of normal texting/courting. Interesting. Physically he is fit, but average looks (balding, middle-age guy) with a nice smile. This week has been absolutely crazy so he’s being squeezed into an impossible week and he’s understanding of my situation. I’ll come up with a nickname for him and let you know how this goes.


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  1. You ARE a busy lady. That’s great!


  2. I loved your response to him!!!


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