"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Hard to Handle

Action speaks louder than words
And I’m a man of great experience
I know you’ve got another man
But I can love you better than him

Black Crowes

I’ve got this young man with a seemingly old soul pursuing me. I initially resisted but he made me laugh, flattered me and made me pause. Now I’m eager to return home so I can meet him. We are bantering on Kik and not once have I paused to say no – he’s not for me. He likes my blunt honesty, wit. Now he has told me his kink as well. Let’s start from the beginning.

Let’s call him 28 – his age. 28 pinged me on AM and I responded with my standard answer about the creeper rule. The creeper rule is that you should only date folks older than your age divided by 2, then add in 7. In my case, the threshold is 32. I tell 28 that he’s too young and explain the Creeper rule. He responds with: “That’s disappointing. I think you would really like me too. 3 1/2 years away from your minimum ;)”

I can’t resist so I parry with: “LOL. My 24-yr-old daughter with her 29-yr-old BF would disown me. Thanks for brightening my day.”

He volleys back with: “Yes understandable lol. But it would be nice to show your daughter you can still pull a 28 year old man if you wanted ;)”

That one got me. I have a competitive streak.  At the same time, my GF is telling me to fool around with a 29-year-old while we are on vacation. So, I come back with, “Sir, you have serious game. LMAO. Of course my goal in life is to send my kids screaming to a therapist. Here’s the deal you persuasive guy, I’m on vacation until 10/6. Let’s continue to chat. Here’s my email to make it easier.”  Now obviously, there is no way I would ever tell my kids about this.  Just the thought of their mother having sex, much less hot steamy sex with a much younger guy, would probably traumatize them.  Thank goodness they both live far, far away….

We have graduated from email to Kik. The buffer of me being out of town has given us ample time to chat and I have been able to learn more about him. Here’s what I know so far. He’s a young cop in an area of town where I do a good amount of business. He has spent about $2,000 over 2 years on AM and met 15 or so women (some great, some duds) – definitely a player. Nobody close to home until me which he likes (more convenient for him). He loves older women because we have a higher sex drive in his opinion. Occasionally I get a text from him that makes me smile and think, “ah yes, young, aggressive and ever-so-confident.” 28 is highly sexual and he’s got great banter. We have had a couple of sexting rounds and I have to say, the guy impresses me. He turns me on.

Then he finally, late one night, confessed his kink. I had told him that I want to experiment with bondage. His kink: getting fucked with a strap-on. A girl had done it to him and he really enjoyed it. He thought it would spook me. I have to confess that I’m intrigued. I told him we would need to work into that, but I was game. He isn’t looking for any commitment to me. I told him I was sexting with someone else while chatting with him and he found that hot. He has no issues with me continuing to seek out other men.   He just wants a partner for sex a couple of times a week.  Could I finally have found a consistent fuck buddy? Time will tell. But one thing I know — no good will come of this, but I am drawn to him – the scent of danger clear.


Since I wrote this post, 28 has gone silent for over 36 hours. I sent him a couple of pings and then the final email. Although my inner horny teen-ager is disappointed, I realize it’s a blessing. Time to move forward with other more age-appropriate prospects in my pipeline. Next!!


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  1. Oh, I suspect you haven’t heard the last from him


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