"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Travelin’ (Wo)Man

Travelin’ man, love when I can
Turn loose my hand ’cause I’m goin’
Travelin’ man, catch if you can
But sooner than later I’m goin’

Bob Seger

This is just a quick post about my upcoming trip next week to a city of incredibly friendly men. I discovered that another excellent use of AM is to provide excellent local knowledge and tour guides when you are in a new city. A girlfriend has invited me to mooch off her business trip, so I have been sworn to good behavior. She works in a conservative profession and is meeting with an even more conservative client, so in order to enjoy the perks, I must behave. This is absolutely no problem for me and my reward for good behavior will hopefully be more of these trips in the future.

In any case, I used the AM “Traveling Woman” feature and boom! I have a field of talent to select from. I have about 3-4 frontrunners which will have to be culled to about 2. One is a 29-year-old boy toy. I wasn’t going to go young, but my girlfriend (God love her!) says, “Why not? You aren’t in Kansas anymore, Dorothy, go have some fun.” Hey, who am I to argue with that logic?

This is an exceptionally friendly city and the handsome local boys are all full of helpful tips on places to go, restaurants, etc. Any logistical question we have had, I ping my boys and the answers come rolling in. Very nice. Stay tuned for more about the trip and also about my first date with an apparently NORMAL single (OK, he’s separated) guy from AM.


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