"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Flirtin’ With Disaster

We’re flirtin’ with disaster, y’all know what I mean
And the way we run our lives, it makes no sense to me
I don’t know about yourself or what you want to be, yeah
When we gamble with our time, we choose our destiny

Molly Hatchet

Here’s a rundown on my current cast of characters from Ashley Madison.  There are some more but let’s start with these guys because they are the most consistent about pinging me.   I’m texting/emailing with the following:

Hank:  You can read all about Hank here.

Skittish:   He’s hot and intriguing me but he’s very nervous about being caught.  He lives in my immediate neighborhood and we figured out we go to the same gym (he almost had a coronary).  I had dismissed him when I couldn’t get a photo out of him.   Finally I sent him mine, I got his (and he’s sexy) but he’s still nervous.  Today he tells me that he’s headed to the gym.  I ask him if he wants to meet.  He agreed to a quick meeting in the parking lot, so I pop over and text him my location.  He stops by, says hello, we chat a few minutes and then it begins pouring rain.  I mean buckets.  Apparently I passed after I sent him a really nice email (I can be nice on occasion to these guys) that says the following:

Listen – if you aren’t sure about any of this I completely understand.  The odds of us being in the same neighborhood and connecting were exceedingly slim, so it’s a huge surprise to me.  I SWEAR my lips are sealed.  If you just want to chat, that’s fine.  I was married for 25 years, so I understand when the spark is quashed and you start wondering what else is out there.  I don’t want to be the cause of any drama.  I have found that straying outside of a marriage is more a symptom of a bigger problem.

So that was it, except now….he’s texting like crazy.  Oh yeah, one reason he’s nervous – he’s a cop.  What is it with me and cops?

911:  He’s a paramedic in a city about 4 hours from mine.  Great body.  Introduced me to a new messaging app, Kik.  Has good banter and my guess is this is not his first time at the rodeo. He travels for his job quite a bit so he may be in my neck of the woods sometime soon.

Flyboy:  He owns a manufacturing company of some type.  Currently on a business trip in another country, also has good banter.  Pretty cute pictures.  We are to meet on Tuesday for lunch.

I’m getting to old for this shit.  I have to create contacts for all these guys with their online handle, real name, emails and then add notes about what I like about them, description, etc.  There are times when I’m dealing with three conversations at once.  I have to remember what I told whom.  Good grief!!

I am headed out of town this weekend to visit my son at college, so I’ll get a little break.  The unfortunate thing about my trip is that my ex chose the same weekend to visit the kid.  My ex called me about it and I told him I booked my trip back in July, so we would just have to share him.  I also got the better hotel —  his sucks.  Ahhhh, the weekend is looking like a lot of fun already.


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  1. It does take a while to master several on line at the same time. I’ve had as many as 6 at once. Here’s my post about 5 http://ithinkyouearthlingsarecrazy.wordpress.com/2014/03/03/digital-dexterity/


  2. I read your blog on this. You are right – you cannot rush on these situations. Last night I had the iPhone, laptop and iPad going to manage all of this. Who has time for work in this situation?!

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  3. Just curious – why AM if you are not married? Why not a regular dating website?


    • That is a really good question. In a previous post, I write that I did it on a whim, but am I really being true to myself with a flippant answer like that? In my city, I have been finding it hard to meet high quality eligible men. Let’s face it, after a 25 year marriage, the thought of taking care of another man full time isn’t appealing at this point. What I do want is some intimacy (someone who checks in, chats, flirts) and primarily SEX. I don’t want a man underfoot. This could be a short phase, who knows. I also happen to think many of the best guys are married because they feel obligated to this family they created (that was my reason for sticking around). Hopefully any married guy I snare is smart enough to be discreet and keep his tracks covered – that’s his problem.

      What I do know based on my own marital experience is that affairs are the symptom of a troubled marriage and not a cause. I also am a follower of Dan Savage who believes that monogamy is unrealistic for many people. I’ll write a post about the affair I had when I had a 2-year-old child and a 5-year-old marriage. My affair was a result of a lot of other problems….and the absolute best sex of my life.

      Thanks for asking the question because it does bear discussion.


      • I ask because I was exactly where you were. 20 years. My marriage is ended now and that’s all good but I started on AM. and then, unfortunately, wanting exactly what you wanted for exactly the same reasons…it all ended really badly. I’m not blaming the affair….but what I thought was his problem and our secret…once discovered soon became my problem and it was not good. Just sayin….be very careful.


      • I’ve been reading your blog and I truly appreciate the advice. I once advised a girlfriend not to have an affair because it would only destroy two families. She didn’t head my advice. He was the love of her life and it was tumultuous from start to finish. They both got divorced but never married and had a very passionate relationship both in and out of the bedroom. This lasted for many years. They caused a lot of pain for their loved ones. Then he died in an accident. It was a completely tragic tale.

        On the flip side, I have another friend who stumbled into her soulmate while on the Board of a non-profit. They were having a full blown emotional affair (no sex) when they got caught. They are together but it’s a struggle because he’s moving across the country to follow his dreams while she feels held back due to an aging parent and a bipolar daughter. Her mom has told her to seize the moment, I hope she will.


  4. […] Skittish and I first started on AM, he was shy and nervous. You can read about our first encounter here. While we were both out of town for the weekend, I got a couple of drunk texts from him. I liked it […]


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