"Love My Way, It's a New Road"


I gave you what you asked
You gave me nothin’ back
Now did ya, ohh
It’s like I was your drug
Til the fix wasn’t enough for you, ohh

I’ve been used
Damn you

Hayden Panettiere

Used – that’s how I’m feeling right now.  So high school, sexting buddy, DB is back this weekend.  Twice this weekend we sexted and he cums both times.  Actually he came three times because he came twice yesterday (with me and later without me, but using one of my boob shots) and then today he sexts me again.  I get explicit photos of him cuming.  Nice….except I have to admit.  I’m not into it anymore.  This guy allegedly has a girlfriend, so why isn’t he using this pent up sexual energy on her?  Why is he sexting with a woman two states away?

As I took my dog out for a walk, it dawned on me.  I feel used and exploited right now.   When he wanted to sext and I wanted to….finish my book, I should have cut it short right then.  Once again, it appears the Pleaser in me is dominating.   I’m glad I’m realizing this now.  I’ve always thought he was good for my ego, however, my ego is now saying, “Hey, we are a highly valued woman who deserves better.”  Yep, thanks, DB.  Now I realize my value and it’s time to clamp down.    There’s been virtually no banter other than sex and flirting and I am worthy of better.  I need to focus my energy on more postive relationships and spend my energy on activities that get me primed for meeting the right guy.


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  1. I think you’re right


  2. […] the same time, I am getting an IM through Facebook’s Messenger from DB. He’s wanting to know if I’m getting any action. As a dating coach, I keep him in the loop. I […]


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