"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Here for the Party

I may not be a ten but the boys say i clean up good
And if i gave em half a chance for some rowdy romance you know they would
Ive been waiting all week just to have a good time
So bring on them cowboys and their pick up lines

Gretchen Wilson

My new strategy is to get off on-line dating for awhile and try just being more social by doing the things I enjoy.  This includes an upcoming group hike, a charity event, trivia night at a local pub, some business networking events and that’s just for starters.  One thing for sure – I know how to have fun, so I need to get my lazy butt off the couch and get going.

I put this new approach into play yesterday.  I like college football, so I decided my reward for an afternoon of errands and cleaning up my home office was to walk over to a nearby restaurant to watch some college football and have dinner.  When I first plopped down at the bar, I wasn’t sure.  The folks at the bars consisted of a couple and some young guys at the end.  Oh well, I’m here for the football anyway, so I sit directly in front of the TV screens.  After about 15 minutes, two guys in my targeted demographic come up to the bar and are hesitating.  I ask them if they would like me to move over so they can sit down.  “That would be great, thanks so much.”  We end up chatting, one is an alumni from one of my favorite teams.  Then I end up chatting with the guy on the other side of me.  He’s older than I thought (his rasta locks fooled me from behind).  We end up in a rousing conversation with his friends about Johnny Quest, Speed Racer, Scooby Doo…you get it.  That folds in the guys to my right.  It was a great evening and I leave on a high note.  OK, so both are married, however, I did get a strong business lead from them so at least I get to write off dinner. …

Here’s my lesson learned:  the past two out of two times I go into a restaurant with a good bar area, I meet good guys (for my first time, click here).  Guess where I’ll be hanging out now…



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