"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Sexual Healing

Ooh, now let’s get down tonight
Baby I’m hot just like an oven
I need some lovin’
And baby, I can’t hold it much longer
It’s getting stronger and stronger
And when I get that feeling
I want Sexual Healing
Sexual Healing, oh baby
Makes me feel so fine
Helps to relieve my mind
Sexual Healing baby, is good for me

Marvin Gaye

Work was really hectic this week and I had intense after hours events on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. That left me wiped out by Friday, and it also meant I didn’t have much flirt time for either Dos Equis or DB (who keeps popping up). This lack of communication gave me space to question my decision to be involved with Dos Equis. Nothing stifles my sex drive like feeling like I’m being played or used and his job situation is a tricky one for me. Then the weekend rolls around, I spend a quiet Friday night with a great chick flick, red wine and Ben & Jerry’s. Ahhh, battery re-charging. Saturday was spent with gym, relaxing, reading followed by an evening of live music performed by a friend of a friend (she was quite good). Ahhh, battery charged. So on Sunday, I’m over to Dos Equis for an afternoon of watching golf and sex.

My new JimmyJane sex toys arrived on Saturday. Being greedy, I got both the Form 2 and Form 3, so I got them charged up on Saturday while I was out. I experimented briefly with the Form 2 on Saturday night when I got back home, but I was tired, not feeling overly adventurous, so I was disappointed quite frankly. But I learned today, that the Form 2 in the right hands is a wonderous thing. Dos Equis loves a gadget and he quickly got busy figuring out what modes turned me on the most. He is a very generous, giving guy in bed – 180 degrees from my ex. Dos Equis goes down on me continually; my ex would NEVER after the first 2-3 years of marriage.

Sex was great today. Dos Equis finally had an orgasm – we had fun. I learned that I need to tell him exactly when I’m cuming — he can’t read my mind (imagine that). Then immediately after great sex, he wants to know how he’s doing. Apparently his ex had described their sex life as fine (women, we know the meaning behind the word “fine”). She told him sex wasn’t the reason behind her divorce request. He also said once she came, she wouldn’t want him to touch him. One orgasm – period. WTF, why stop there? I’m a greedy bitch – give me as many as you are willing to provide. When I got home, I sent him a text: Act 1: 3 times, Act 2: 2 times. I tell him he’s sexy – he is to me. This guy is great in bed, if we can keep his dick hard longer, he would be amazing.

After Act 2, he wants to sit and dissect the final months of his marriage. He’s seeking clarity and closure. I let him talk and it didn’t bother me because he obviously needed to talk.  No mention of his teen-age girl incident….but I have to say, the ex had her own issues (don’t we all). I still stand by my snobby position that this is not a guy I’ll date – he’s not one I would take home to mother or friends, but Dos Equis seems to be a good guy, with a big heart. So at the end of the day on Sunday, I sit here sexually sated but realizing that neither one of these men (Dos Equis or DB) is my next serious relationship and I’m OK with that.


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