"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you

Billy Joel

Have you been wondering what I turned up on Dos Equis in my Google search?  First, I didn’t officially have the guy’s last name when I began my internet stalking investigation.   He doesn’t have mine and claims that he hasn’t googled me.  I am very easily found on the internet.  My first name, my profession, my city and BOOM first page of Google.  I know this because I tried it.

So what about Dos Equis?  Obviously I want to know something about the first guy to fuck me after 14 years.  I am intensely curious by nature.  It dawned on me that I had the answer from a photo he sent me.  When we left the cheesy Mexican restaurant after our first meeting, he told me that it was 69 miles to his house.  I laughed and said no way, so he texted me a screen shot of his GPS map.  That had the address of his house.  Folks, I don’t need much to be nosy.  I hit the internet and within 2 minutes had his last name.  Then I started working on more info.

There was one big piece of information and then some other interesting tidbits.  Yes, he truly was an alter boy because he went to a Catholic high school.  The big piece of information involved why he is currently under-employed.  During our very first phone call, I asked him why he wasn’t coaching football.  This is a guy who played through college, had one pro season and then played for a police league for several years.  He said that he had coached for about 10-12 years but lost his teaching certification.  I let things go —  I didn’t need to pry at that time, but the Google gods revealed a snapshot of what happened.

Three years ago, he lost his teaching certification because he slept with an 18-year-old student right before graduation.  There was nothing in the newspaper, he’s not on a sexual predator list (I checked).  Apparently it was kept as quiet as possible…except for the actual order by the state education secretary.  That gave me pause.  It also linked together some interesting dates.  This happened 3 years ago — he has not had sex in 3 years.  He left the state for those years and only recently returned.  He left for a woman but it didn’t work out.  Dos Equis is an interesting man with a story that one day he’ll tell me when and if he’s ready.


I wrote the above section a couple of days ago and I have been mulling over whether I was going to post this.  It is digging deep into someone else’s personal life and I don’t have the full story from him.  Now it’s Monday and Dos Equis had a shitty day at work.  He’s working a job he doesn’t like and he’s miserable.  I talk to him briefly in the morning, get a couple of morose texts and then spend almost an hour at the end of the day mostly listening to his fruitless job search.

Dos Equis emails me his resume.  I laughingly texted him that we are finally getting to last names.  Yep, it is who I thought it was. During our hour long chat, I begin asking some questions to clarify his resume.  I ask him point-blank why he gave up his teaching certification.  He claims it’s related to a series of workers compensation claims he had.  I ask him if he had an attorney represent him during these negotiations and he said yes.  He claims the attorney told him that since he was leaving the state, it wasn’t a big deal to give up his certification permanently.  I asked him if he was a member of the teachers union and what did they say?  He said they told him to listen to the attorney.  This all smells like bad fish.

Then we talk about a job he had when he returned from out of state.  He had it for almost a year, but was let go during his probation period because “he wasn’t a fit”.  He didn’t tell his supervisor that during this time he was in the process of getting divorced — interesting….he’s never mentioned his ex.

Folks, I’m in a difficult spot.  Do I help him?  I am a kind, generous person by nature and I’m willing to help just about anybody.  This is a situation where I would be using my name, my integrity to make certain introductions that could potentially help him –tremendously.  Or it could backfire completely.  When I make a recommendation, I do not take it lightly because it puts my name and reputation on the line.

How do I recommend this guy?  I had already figured that if I would refer him,  I would just say that I met him through a mutual friend or some other BS.   This makes things complicated for me and I don’t want complicated.   I just want a fuck buddy, but I also never like to kick anybody when they are already down.  But this guy hasn’t come clean to me.  I realize that we haven’t known each other long, but….  Ugh, it’s Monday and after only a week this guy is making it complicated…..anyone want to comment???


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