"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Mixed Emotions

You’re not the only one
With mixed emotions
You’re not the only ship
Adrift on this ocean

Rolling Stones

After my complete high of having sex for the first time in 14 years, later that evening DB (the sexting high school friend) pings me.  I had pinged him earlier in the week because I hadn’t heard from him.  As I suspected, he has gotten more serious with his FWB and she is now officially a girlfriend.  DB, being a proper Southern gentleman, called me to tell me this.  That’s fine.  He owes me nothing and I have nothing but gratitude to him for making me feel sexy.

Then apparently his Friday plans are cancelled and he was home alone on Friday night, so I get the following exchange of texts.

text 1

We have a bit of back and forth.  Leading to this exchange.

text 2

We end up talking for about 10 minutes about the sex and my experience.  We also talk about my dad who is in the hospital near DB so he’s giving me intel on the hospital.   Good chat and we form an agreement that if he gets a new client that would be much closer to my city, we would meet and hook up.  It is all a friendly, mature, adult conversation between two smart, savvy people.

So today, I get a series of texts from him that lead to a very hot sexting of a foursome fantasy involving me, him and two friends that live by this in-between town.  We go full blown back and forth.  Here are two samples.  The first is at the beginning  (my note in red is indicating that he had previously told me about this girl) and the second is deep into (pun intended) our sexting.

voyeur text



So WTF, what happened to him easing back?  Was he jealous?  Not that I am much concerned.  DB is two states away and although we are having fun, I don’t see a serious relationship forming.  I must admit that DB is a much better prospect for me than Dos Equis, however, that long-distance issue is a big one.  Plus the fact that we really only talk about sex.  That alone does not a relationship make.  Men are interesting creatures, aren’t they?


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