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The Kracken

I haven’t written too much about the third being in my day-to-day life, the Kracken.  He just turned three years old.  He’s approaching full maturity and at his recent check-up topped out at 80 pounds.  80 pounds of muscle, bark and intelligent civil disobedience.

The Kracken is the Drama King of the house.  Through whimpers, whines, sighs and barks, he communicates endlessly throughout our days.  He also does the “sad dog” eyes just to make sure he’s getting his message across.  The beast does make me laugh.  He has an opinion on everything.  He also is incredibly nosy, literally.  If you bring anything new into the house, he needs to thoroughly smell it.  I mean stuff his nose inside it and snort in the smells.  If the Hunter and I are hugging, he squirms his way between us to be part of what has now become a group hug.  If we are cooking, he squirms between us and the counter.  I claim because in his next life he wants to be a chef, but we all know he’s simply positioning himself for a fortuitous dropped morsel.

He awakens us each morning and cajoles us out the door for our walk.  The Hunter has been teaching him patience.  Although the Kracken believes we should spring from bed and immediately run out the door for a long, long walk, the Hunter leisurely gets up, has some coffee, checks his email, goes to the bathroom, has some more coffee, checks his Instagram, heads back to the bathroom and then perhaps we will head out the door.

After a good walk, the Kracken and I enjoy mornings sitting on the front porch.  He’s on a long lead and I’m drinking coffee while reading.  We both watch the neighbors stroll by.  He has those dogs he likes and those he can’t stand.  He hates huskies — that wolf-like stare raises his hackles and elicits fierce barking. Cue the training collar.  He loves little dogs, labs and kids, although no kids on scooters.  For some reason, he hates scooters.  He likes bikes because The Hunter takes him around the neighborhood with the bike.  We think the scooter situation is because he hasn’t had a chance to check it out up close.

He and I get along fine although it’s a constant skirmish of who is #2 in the household pack.  The Hunter is clearly the Alpha male, but the Kracken likes to see what he can get away with when he’s with me and he will push his boundaries.  His latest bad habit happens when we are alone.  Those days when the Hunter heads out to work appointments before me and then I’m dressed and heading out the door myself.  As soon as the Kracken hears my heels hit the stairs, he starts barking.

It’s not just any barking.  You need to understand that The Kracken is bred to be hunting dog.  He’s a chaser, so he’s fast and has a loud bark so hunters can keep up with him.  His bark is huge.  Add in high ceilings and it echos throughout the house.  I can’t hear myself speak when he cranks it up.

The Hunter isn’t having any of that nonsense.  He puts on the training collar (aka shock collar) and that usually subdues the Kracken who knows what will be happening next.  I’m the softie and I hate using the training collar.  I know it’s the only way, so I reluctantly will do it to save my hearing and my sanity.  The Kracken knows I’m a softie and uses that to his advantage.  I have to remember that….

The training collar has been a game-changer with the Kracken.  Yes, I thought it was cruel, but it isn’t.  It’s necessary.  He can get a beeping warning and/or a vibration before he gets zapped and even the zap has different levels.  He’s smart enough to know that when we put it on him and pick up the control, he better get his ass in line.

Now that his shots are all up-to-date, he got to go to the dog park near the house.  It was glorious.  He spent the first 10 minutes running flat out all around the park.  Many of the dogs joined him in an attempt to chase him down and he easily outran them all.  He was in his glory — full speed, leaping around, outracing all who challenged him.  It was a sight to see.  He is an incredibly handsome animal and watching him in his prime was beautiful.

Then, just like any youngster, he was done.  He had sprinted himself into exhaustion and plopped down in the shade on the damp grass to cool off.  After a few minutes, he was ready to trot around and make some friends, wrestle and just generally play like any kid on the playground.  I love it when he burns off all that energy because he returns home calm and ready for a day of napping.

For all his noise, drama and mess, he is a great buffer/third wheel/member of the household.  He is a wonderful diversion, gives the Hunter a companion all the time and keeps us active by walking ALL THE TIME.

So, we have made it to the other side with the Kracken.  The Hunter has spent countless hours training him and it shows.  He does the commands of “Stay”, “Sit”, “Get inside”, “Go to bed”, “Quiet”, “Come” and more.  He’s defender of the home with a fierce bark, but loves every person he meets.  He’s an unusual breed and this article gives you some insight on his daddy , the Plott hound.   and his mama is a Florida cur — two tough breeds bred to be outside.  I understand him and respect him, but he is not my dog.  He is the Hunter’s dog through and through.


Not the Kracken — but pretty darn close…


Monday Morning



My BFF sent that to me during my slump, which I think we can go ahead and say it was some type of depression.  Anyway, that quote sums up how I need to go about starting my week.

I jumped out of bed this morning, started laundry, cleaned the floors, wiped down the kitchen, ran the dishwasher, and spent 15 minutes enjoying my breakfast, coffee & great book.  Here it is 9:15 and I’m at my desk (still in pj’s) and about to crank up the week.

I really do feel better.  This weekend I moseyed around stores just browsing without a strong need to buy anything.  I bought three dresses for work and leisure and two shirts.  The deal I struck with myself since I have a NO MORE CLUTTER/STUFF rule, was that I could get those things, but I had to get rid of more than I was bringing in.  I now have two small bags of about 10 items ready to be donated.  The Hunter chuckled at that.

We are getting excited about our vacation next week.  I’m not sure 10 days is enough for me, but that’s OK.  We are staying at my parent’s second home so I can always hang out either longer or at another time.  Now, enough blogging, time to get to work and make some $$ and be a FUCKING SHARK!!


Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash


Sex is Good

My sex life has definitely perked up lately.  Now that the stress of moving, money, the IRS, fighting with the old landlord and other stressors (as if that all wasn’t enough) have faded, the Hunter and I have been frisky lately.  I have to give the man a lot of credit — he is creative.

He is enamored with the oversized bathtub in our bedroom.  I bought him a big bag of Epsom salts and he’s blissful.  After a long day of work/errands/chores, he enticed me to join him.  I lit some candles, put on some music and we sank into a delicious soak….and then a delicious fuck because of course he wanted to try out EVERYTHING with the bathtub.  I love the man’s spontaneity and creativity when it comes to sex.  It was a fun evening.

Something on his To-Do list is to fuck on the stairs — we haven’t gotten to that.  But we have tried out the daybed (great) and the new master bedroom (awesome).  I am so grateful that he puts the time and energy into keeping things fresh.

That’s all for now.  I have a journal full of random thoughts, so I’ll try to get some of them into the blog.  Life is good.  We are both busy and excited about our upcoming vacation.  More on that later also.  Ciao for now!


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Bebopping Along

I’m happier in our new place.  Both the Hunter and I feel like a cloud has lifted.  Stress has lessened and we like our new environs.  I still have some unpacking to do, but it’s primarily in my office so it can be ignored easier than other places.

I’m trying the trick of hanging all my clothes backwards so this time next year I can see if I wore everything.  If I didn’t, I can more easily determine what to dump.  It will be interesting to see what survives.  My closets, shelves and drawers are organized.  The Hunter is great to have around because he’s fearless with a drill.  He puts up shelves, hangs pictures and organizes things so handily.  I empty the boxes and he gets rid of them.

The only room that we are still experimenting with is the family room/living room.  It’s really small, so we don’t have a margin for excess.  Right now it has a daybed that the Hunter adores.  Last weekend he took such a solid nap I caught him sleeping like a toddler complete with drool coming out of his mouth.  I cannot deny a man the ultimate napping spot.  We just need to figure out the other seat.  Right now I brought in an outdoor chair with its ottoman and changed out the cushions.  It’s OK, but the Hunter and I agree it’s not the long-term solution.  We are thinking…recliner.  Yup, just like old farts.  We want comfort and screw everyone else.

We added Roku so we can stream our cable, Netflix and Amazon Prime.  That lead to the Hunter adding Sling because the man is desperate for his ESPN.  We have been loving all of the new channels.  I binge on Project Runway until he howls in protest.  He happily watches hunting shows and basketball playoffs.  We’ve really enjoyed the improved TV situation.

Now that the cloud is lifting (only metaphorically because it has been walls of water for over 10 days now), I look at my work situation and say, “Hmmm, Maggie & Co isn’t a bad thing, perhaps what I need is some form of side hustle to supplement it.”  I realize that I have things most people dream of:  freedom, flexibility, decent income (albeit sporadic as hell) and NO BOSSES, just some crazy-ass clients at times, but really nobody looking over my shoulder day-to-day.

Speaking of bosses, after I got Robin her job, she called me this week after a couple of weeks of the new gig.  She’s quitting.  WTF?, you ask.  I can’t blame her.  Her church (which amuses me because I don’t see Robin as being religious) offered her a full-time job.  She’ll be working with her daughter and seeing her grandbaby every day.  Robin is not even 50 and she’s a grandmother — go figure.  Anyway, she’s making less $$, BUT she was commuting 1-1/2 hours or more each way, getting home around 8:00, less freedom and flexibility (limited vacation/holidays), dress code — all those things that come with a reasonable, responsible job.  The new church job is less $$ but it’s a 10 minute commute, business casual and she spends her day with her family.  How can you begrudge her?  The Hunter asked if I was upset and honestly, I am not.  Everybody’s journey is different and if she wasn’t happy, then she needed to do what is right for her.

I’m keeping myself busy.  I just signed up for some business events.  I got annoyed when I tried signing up for one and missed the deadline by an hour.  It was an event I created for a group that kicked me off the board (my 2nd term was up and it was time).  I sent a nice email apologizing for being a ditz and asking for them to squeeze me in.  Nope, they won’t do it.  Yep, that’s why I don’t want to sit on anymore professional non-profit boards.  No good deed(s) goes unpunished.  That’s OK, it saved me some significant bucks and time — I think Karma was telling me not to go.

Gotta run, the Hunter is walking in the door and I gotta go give him a smooch!


Money Well Spent

My previous landlord is a bitch.  She always wants an argument and let’s call her what she is:  a bully.  I went over to the old place to walk thru it with her boyfriend.  Since she always provokes drama, somehow he thankfully got her to agree not to be there.  We went through it and he had two additional items he wanted fixed immediately because they have a new tenant moving in over the weekend.

Wait a minute — a new tenant?  My lease is through the end of the month and they never cancelled the remaining portion of my lease so that hussy thought she was going to get rent from the new folks plus my already-paid rent?  Not so fast, Sweet Cheeks.

I sent off an email requesting payment of that rent and the fireworks began.  They made ridiculous damage claims, allegedly called the police to say I had no right to enter the property and basically told me to shut up and do as I am told.  I was burning up — so upset.  The Hunter was telling me to stand up for myself as I was about to cave and just settle for my full security deposit. I was physically uncomfortable and stressed.

Then it dawned on me as I had a flashback to the fourth grade.  I was being bullied just like I had been in the fourth grade.  I had a woman bullying me and belittling me.  Fuck that shit.  I’m too smart for that, so what to do, what to do?

I realized that I needed an advocate — someone to fight my fight without my emotional baggage and with hard, cold facts.  I need an attorney.  My Ex is an attorney but he has made it clear that although we are civil, I get no more free advice from him.  I know a bunch of attorneys but quite honestly I was a bit embarrassed and didn’t want to call in a favor on this petty issue.

I had gone on a legal website to research this whole issue and saw that my instincts were right — I needed to act now before the tenant moves in and yes, I am more than entitled to the money.  From that site, I selected a lovely female attorney, former badass military.  For a very well-spent $250 she wrote an eloquent letter telling my bully that she was WRONG and oh, so WRONG and that we would SUE THE SHIT OUT OF HER which will end up costing the hussy more $$ in legal fees, etc.

I forwarded the letter/email on to the Hunter with a note:  “Hear that sound…it’s the landlord’s head exploding….”  Hehehehe, now I’m back to having fun.

angry woman

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Moving Pros & Cons

We moved.  I only have a couple of items to handle with the old place and we’ll be done.  The house is sparkling clean (cleaner than we got it) and the final walk-thru is later this week.  I’ll grab some stuff I’m donating and some other bits & pieces out of the garage, but that place is EMPTY!  Kudos to the Hunter for all his hard work and organizing the cleaning crew.  I’m so happy to close that chapter.

The new place is great, but it’s been a hard slog to unpack and organize.  I’m still tossing/donating stuff as I unpack.  I pull stuff out and think, “What the heck was I thinking — chuck this!”  It’s been great.  What is really nice is unpacking some boxes of china and dinnerware that I haven’t seen in 2 years.  I can’t wait to throw a dinner party in our tiny place.  We’ll just have to party from the driveway through to the backyard.

I love a two-story place.  Call me nutty, but I like the exercise of running up and down the stairs.  The Hunter hates it for the record.  He is always trying to figure out how to traverse the stairs as little as possible.  On moving day, I thought I would collapse after 20+ trips, but day-to-day I like it.  I feel like my office is in a treehouse.  My desk overlooks the front entrance to the community, so I see the kids headed to and from the bus stop, people walking their dogs and everything in between.  We have a tiny front porch that fits 2 chairs and an end table, so last night we sat out front with the Kracken and enjoyed watching folks stroll by.  It’s the perfect spot for a glass of wine and end-of-day chat. The backyard is also small, but cozy.  The whole place is developing a warm, cozy feel even though I still have tons of boxes to unpack.

When I unpack, I start with the essentials:  the kitchen first and foremost.  Even if it’s not perfectly organized, I have to get it operational as quickly as possible.  Then I figure out the basics of the bathrooms so we can at least take a shower.  The first night the Hunter and I each enjoyed a delightful soak in the oversized tub in the master bath.  I’m not a bath person, but it was awesome.

I don’t have the office up and running, but that is not a top priority at this point.  My laptop is hooked up and that’s all that really matters at this point.  I want the downstairs livable and it is very close.  I have a daybed frame arriving on Wednesday, so hopefully we’ll have a living room worth living in.  Right now the three of us fight over two chairs and one of them is a smelly patio chair desperately in need of new cushions.

However, it’s not all sunshine and roses over here.  First of all, it is so incredibly rainy and soggy that I wonder if we will ever dry out.  The Hunter and I have been stressed and at times a bit annoyed with one another.  We both take a deep breath and have been able to resolve things, but we have our moments.

One key moment was over trashcans.  With all the craziness in the world, we have a strong conversation about the placement of the main trash pick-up bin.  The Hunter wants it out of our tiny garage and his idea was to put it on that cute front porch.  It would be seen from inside the house, but he was going to put some plants to hide it from outside view.  He had it all figured out until I entered the picture.

My head almost exploded.  A fucking smelly garbage can right at the front door?  One that can be seen from the dining room table?  This is the first impression of our new, cozy home?  I put my foot down, hard.  He sighed, hard.  I explained that I wanted a nice place and that trashcan was ruining the vision in many ways.  I outlined my concerns and  he took a minute to listen to them instead of brushing me off like he has been doing recently.  Crisis averted and the bin went back into the garage where it belongs.

Another interesting situation for the control freak in me has been letting go which allows the Hunter space and a place to have his things on display.  His hunting trophy/mounts, books, vintage shotgun shells and the like.  He commandeered a cool shelf unit that I use to display a few of my odds & ends.  I took a deep breath, a step back and let him go at it.  It’s his house too.  Let’s face it, the majority of the house is for me, by me and filled with my stuff.  He’s not asking for much and he deserves that.

Anyway, we are chugging along and the move was basically uneventful which is all anyone can ask for.  Now I’m going to soak in some Epsom salts in my delightful tub before unpacking some more boxes.


WTF was he thinking?  Crisis averted!  Photo by Paul Baden on Unsplash

I’m Cranky

I used to rant regularly on Mondays here on this blog and then I managed to stop, but NOT TODAY, MISSY!!  I am about to go on a full scale rant about everything that is PISSING ME OFF.  Let’s work backwards or whatever is on the top of my mind, here goes:

  • Just got an email from a potential client that I have been gently coaxing and nursing along for TWO YEARS only to get a “we went with someone else”.  That client OWED ME one for helping him out when he got his panties in a bind.  I did the right thing, he seemed contrite and wanted to do the right thing also by working with me when the time was right.  I kept in touch, called, visited, etc. and he said, “OK, we’ll be ready to roll this out in May.”  Here we are in May and he says, “Nope, went with someone else last month.”  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???
  • Had another business client email on Friday and these idiots are going backwards, not forward.   WTF?  I called to confirm, yep, they are going backwards.  I have no idea what will happen there and I’m left scratching my head over something that was suppose to be pretty straightforward.
  • Yet another client wants to end our project because she’s impatient and doesn’t want to spend anymore money.  I get it, I really do, but she’s got a tough project and doesn’t realize it.  Anyway, that may be for the best, I just hate losing.
  • My cell phone got stolen last week when the Hunter and I took the Kracken to the dog park.  The Hunter left the car unlocked and they got my cell phone and drivers license. They left his shitty phone behind. I spent two business days without a phone plus the circle jerk of my wireless carrier and Apple pointing fingers at each other while I struggled to activate the new phone.  I’ve lost stuff because I back up to the computer, lost productivity right before move week.  Not a happy time.
  • I had to deliver deposit checks twice to the new landlord who neglected to say that all deposits have to be via money order or cashiers checks…..
  • The current landlord is pissed off with us.  The Hunter gives just as good as she does which pisses her off.  I had the pleasure of writing a zippy email outlining why they are wrong on some of the stuff among other things.  I’m trying to keep the Hunter from vandalizing the property in some weird way that will end up biting me in the tuckus, I’m sure.
  • The Hunter and I got into an argument this weekend about his road rage when we drove around the urban metropolis running his errands for 4-1/2 hours.  I finally couldn’t take it and told him to cut it out to which he replied that I can’t tell him what to do.  It was ugly.  We still aren’t in a happy place and our move is this week beginning tomorrow.
  • I can’t figure out what my next career move is going to be.  I’m doing a bad job on my job search.  I can’t apply to stuff online — my level doesn’t apply online.  I have to do the whole “informational interview” approach and that’s tough when I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.  I’m working through the “Designing Your Life” book (strongly recommend), but I’m not in a happy spot to do the analysis portion with any veracity.  I’m tabling that while we move.
  • I feel like I’m doing ALL THE PACKING.  OK, granted most of the stuff is mine, but hello.  Pack a couple of boxes once in awhile, dude.
  • Oh yeah and it’s raining– a lot and will probably rain during our move.

Anyway, whew, that’s enough for now.  I’m miserable.  Really miserable, but hopeful.  Weird, right?  I’m hoping that a new environment/home will help clear my head.  I hope that continuing to lower expenses will lessen my financial anxiety.  I do have some good news:  Robin is happy and productive in her new job.  I’m so happy for her.


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